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Again I do not know for sure and do not care. tu role as batman was the best so far. tu have the look and the brought the personality of the comic book and cartoon batman alive. Well Done Sir!! Bravo Bravo!! I hope tu will play the part again!!

God be with you! publicado hace más de un año
Although when I saw what tu did to the batman part I was truly truly pleased. tu looked the part! I could see tu put your all into physically getting ready for and yes mentally. tu respected and honored what batman stand for and is in older kids and younger kids minds. tu aced this one, one of your Great roles!! I do not look at the rating much, although I hear it did rate well (the movie). publicado hace más de un año
Ben (I will call tu this as the only name I know for tu and I do not know tu personally) I have seen a few of tu movies, but I wanted to take the time to post something that I hope tu get to read o at least hear about. It is about your roll as Batman. I know this is just my opinion, but it is mine and mine to share. I have watched all the cine with batman in them. From the first where Michael Keaton played the part of Batman. A number of actors have stepped up to play the part. publicado hace más de un año