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  • Female, 21 years old
  • estados unidos de américa
  • Favorite TV Show: PowerPuff Girls and a bunch of anime, and MLP; FiM
    Favorite Movie: Too many..@~@
    Favorite Musician: None, I just enjoy the music..And I amor all the brony musicans on youtube~! <3
    Favorite Book or Author: None, unless tu count manga
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Buttercup_123 dicho …
Hi Blossom! publicado hace más de un año
TheBlossom1 comentó…
hola Buttercup. hace más de un año
TheBlossom1 dicho …
"The evil thing is a gruesome beast,
On living flesh it loves to feast,
It's a two headed thing,
Whom tu don't wish to greet.
One head sucks tu blood,
One head chews your meat.
It carries it's babies,
In slimy eggs on it's back.
The bebés are hungry,
When they hatch for a snack.
So the evil thing traps,
Some poor victim, alive,
But don't worry.
Don't cry.
Please, don't have a fit.
The evil thing is not real... think about it.
Remember, don't think about." publicado hace más de un año
BrashG dicho …
Hello Momoko! I amor your show!!!!! publicado hace más de un año
TheBlossom1 comentó…
Hi BrashGirl, and thanks. I honestly amor your art. I've never seen any drawing of the original PowerPuffs drawn so great, I'm pretty jealous if how great your drawing are. :) hace más de un año
TheBlossom1 comentó…
drawings* hace más de un año