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I just saw your comentario under my apoyo I gave you. I just saw it because ever since Meebo stopped working, tu don't know when someone writes a comentario on the message that tu wrote on their wall. I will definitely give tu my opinion!! What I've read so far, really really good! :-) I have a lot of catching up to do, but if tu want, when I'm done with a chapter I'll write notes about what I think. It's up to tu if tu just let me know. Love, Mia publicado hace más de un año
Sk8bordNewMoon comentó…
Thanks! I would amor to hear what tu think!! hace más de un año
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hola hun, did tu get a chance to check out the club's I gave you? I made one for all of my friends and family it's
And one for my sister Brittany (twihard203) it's
Let me know what tu think of the first club's I gave tu then if tu want, tu can check out these. If tu do join, I'll give tu a apoyo for each one. Just write joined on the club's walls. Thanks hun! publicado hace más de un año
Sk8bordNewMoon comentó…
Awesome clubs!!! hace más de un año
hola everyone!! If tu read any of my artículos please let me know what tu think of them! I need y'all's feedback to continue writing. Y'all's comentarios help me to continue escritura cause I know people are lectura them! If tu are too shy o not sure what to say just hit the like button!! Thank you!! publicado hace más de un año
mia444 comentó…
Your It's Complicated stories are amazing!! I haven't been able to read all of them but I just started recently and they're great!! I'll continue to comentario on the ones I read and if tu want my opinion let me know! hace más de un año
Sk8bordNewMoon comentó…
Yes please! I would amor to hear your opinion. Let me know if there anything tu wanna read in a story o anything else about them! Thank tu again for the comments! It has been a while since I have had a fan comment! lol hace más de un año