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    Favorite Movie: Zootopia
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    Favorite Book or Author: I don't read enough to really have a favorite.
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ShadowFan100 dicho de Furries
Happy Hall-a-woooon 🎃 publicado hace 29 días
ShadowxSonicd45 comentó…
UwU~ hace 22 días
ShadowFan100 comentó…
UwU back at ya hace 20 días
ShadowFan100 dicho de halloween
Happy halloween 🎃 publicado hace 29 días
ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
The siguiente person that asks me if I’m going to cut my long hair is getting slapped. I’m getting extremely fed up with this shit, why can’t people just leave me alone? For fuck’s sake, it’s my hair. If I want it long, then I’m letting it grow tf out as long as I fucking want it to. publicado hace 1 mes
Windwakerguy430 comentó…
Yeah, us long hair guys gotta stick together hace 1 mes
zanhar1 comentó…
I support men with long hair. I have the opposite problem tho; "why don't tu grow your hair out again it looked better like that uwu' hace 1 mes
ShadowFan100 comentó…
Does your family say that to you? If so, that is toxic af. It's no one's business what tu do with your body, people really need to take a fucking hint. That's part of the reason why I have Huan as my icon, his hairstyle is similar to mine in real life. Plus, it's a badass style, imo. hace 1 mes