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PeterMWou dicho de pera Owners
hola fans of ICarly/Victorious/Sam And Cat, I just made a new fan club today. It's called pera Owners. What it does is that tu can talk about the franchise that ran between 2007 and 2014 comprising 3 Nickelodeon shows created por Dan Schneider. This includes ICarly, victorious and Sam And Cat. Enjoy, fans of ICarly/Victorious/Sam And Cat. publicado hace más de un año
While there aren't any Digimon games in this club, but Digimon is allowed in this club too. So feel free to put Digimon there. Also, there's Yokai Watch since Yokai Watch is an anime/manga franchise that begins with anime/manga franchise games. publicado hace más de un año
Welcome to anime licensed games. Here, tu may discuss video games based on anime/manga franchises like Pokemon. No video game franchises like MegaMan allowed. Only anime/manga franchises like naruto is allowed. Pokemon is not a video game franchise despite Pokemon started of with the games because Pokemon games are licensed games. So Pokemon is also allowed in this club too. Enjoy. publicado hace más de un año