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Sorry. It's okay. I feel better today for now. :D publicado hace más de un año
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Nah, I lied. I hate myself and want to die... but that might be too depressing to say. publicado hace más de un año
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I'm okay and you? publicado hace más de un año
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Heyyy! publicado hace más de un año
hola guys! I made a new club! It is for the game, Warframe which is really awesome free-to-play título on all current consoles. Check it out: link publicado hace más de un año
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hola if any of tu are interested in joining the Warframe club, feel free to: link publicado hace más de un año
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hola guys, I created a club dedicated to Warframe. Feel free to registrarse us: link publicado hace más de un año
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Hey. Welcome to the new Warframe club! Feel free to post anything Warframe related here - even your own frames :) publicado hace más de un año
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Hi Kat! I finally got to save some time to answer tu here as well, hehe! I really need to get better at replying and at organizing my time in general... I've been missing our chats a lot and I really need to clear up my mind nowadays. Oh, I actually visited your Wattpad page last mes and I've noticed you're escritura The Walking Dead fics too, is that right?? I'm so happy for you!!! It's exciting to get into now fandoms and it must be really exciting to finish fanfics, too, lol! xD publicado hace más de un año
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Thank tu so much for your support, Kat... I really hate admitting it, but I'm not in a very good place mentally since last year... that's why I'm making such long hiatuses between my messages. My self esteem is practically unexistent and I'm feeling a huge pressure now that I'm having to take responsability on my house and stuff. I'm trying to stay positive about it, but my dad is making me nuts :P Anyway, thanks for the words, I hope things get better soon enough for all of us :) x hace más de un año
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Hope Izzy is doing swell! My best wishes for you<3 *hugs* hace más de un año
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Feel free to subscribe to my gaming channel: link publicado hace más de un año