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harry potter

What house are tu in?

71 answers | my answer: Gryffindor-82 Ravenclaw-83 Hufflepuff-95 Slyther...
harry potter

Do tu like Potter Puppet Pals? Why o why not?

11 answers | my answer: They are just completely awsome!!! I really enjoy t...
harry potter

Who cried when Dobby died?

49 answers | my answer: I was so close to tearing up. I hate seeing charact...
harry potter

Deathly Hallows Part 2?

13 answers | my answer: It was pretty awesome! It is totally worth seeing a...

What is name of your cat? :)

183 answers | my answer: urraca, picaza but we call her Maggie. She's my sister's ca...

what purpose do gatos have whiskers for?

10 answers | my answer: So, they can find their way around in the dark. The...

Has anyone here heard of Wolf's Rain???

10 answers | my answer: Yes I have!! IT is my favorito! anime!!! =D

Is there a right o wrong way to write fanfiction?

5 answers | my answer: Well there really isn't. I have my own series, I'm...

do tu prefer dark chocolate o leche chocolate?

28 answers | my answer: I like both actually but Dark is awsome!!! tu guys...

leche chocolate vs Dark Chocolate...which is your favorite?

30 answers | my answer: I totally agree with you! I amor dark but I like al...