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Should there be a Harry Potter book called "Harry Potter and the Battle of the Time-Turners"? I totally think there should be! publicado hace más de un año
Moonlight05 dicho de harry potter
Does anyone agree there should be a book called "Harry Potter and the Battle of the Time-Turners"? Where they get flinged back in time and forget everything that happened, who they are, who their friends are and why are they at Hogwarts! publicado hace más de un año
Harryfirstfan comentó…
No that would be boring hace más de un año
suck_toad comentó…
That's where fanfiction is handy. It could be created. hace más de un año
elizabethmouse comentó…
I think some fanfiction like this has already been written. hace más de un año
Who else is as big of a Warrior Cat fan as me? The person who bugs their friends who like Harry Potter instead of Warriors? The person who plays warrior cat games whenever she/he can? The person that write story's about new prophecys and battles? Anyone? (Probably most of u) publicado hace más de un año
Bluefur05 comentó…
i am insane with warriors sooooo i do that all the time.:) hace más de un año
Moonlight05 comentó…
:D hace más de un año
Wolfymaster4eva comentó…
I read the libros everyday and if I finish it I read the siguiente one Im más of a fan for warriors than survived o seekers and I read these warriors libros like THESES ARE TO DIE.FOR AND ITS LIKE I CAN GO TO SCHOOL AND TAKE ALL THE WARRIORS libros OF THE SHELF hace más de un año