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michael jackson

What's your favorito! Michael Jackson duet?

5 answers | my answer: Say Say Say, The Girl Is Mine, and I Just Can't St...
michael jackson

Which live performance was MJ's greatest?

11 answers | my answer: Live in Bucharest the Dangerous Tour
michael jackson

what's your favorito! mj jacket???

22 answers | my answer: I amor them all, but if I have to choose only one,...
michael jackson

what song would tu like michael too sing too tu most?

20 answers | my answer: Billie Jean
michael jackson

tu think that pants of Billie Jean are sexy?

5 answers | my answer: Yes!
michael jackson

If Michael had offered to give tu only one item of his for tu to keep what would tu choose ?

7 answers | my answer: Honestly, it would be hard for me to decide just on...

Is there any música group that tu wish would get back together?

11 answers | my answer: los beatles

what is your favorito! album?

6 answers | my answer: My favorito! album is 'Thriller'(1982) por Michael Ja...

Besides Michael Jackson, who would tu say is the best entertainer of all time?

6 answers | my answer: bruno mars

In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorito! Michael Jackson song?

36 answers | my answer: I amor all MJ songs, but if I am to choose one favo...