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LeoRising dicho de Sarah and Casey
I amor Chuck and Sarah! They are so much fun together! I'm rewatching the series now and it's too fun! publicado hace 9 meses
LeoRising dicho de Tru Calling
This was a GREAT show. I'm rewatching Season 1 now. The first 10 minutos I thought it was just going to be another gross, ugly medical mostrar but instead it was so full of power and inspiration and mystery. I loved Eliza's character and the ensemble rocked. Yayyyyy for their being a fanpop page for this show. Woo-hoo! publicado hace más de un año
Shannon1982 apoyar por mí a my comments
Yay, Go Us! Great to meet another DJer and Midsomer Murders fan! Also amor some of the Turner Classic movies! Thank tu for the add! publicado hace más de un año
LeoRising comentó…
Hi Shannon! Go us indeed! I amor Midsomer Murders. How great is Tom Barnaby? *loves him* And yes, I still can't believe there's even discussion on the iconic amor that is Dawson & Joey. WTF. ;) hace más de un año
jlhfan624 dicho …
Ahh thank tu for the compliment! I'm glad tu appreciate the Frasier screencaps. I can't subir seasons 9-11 on fanpop anymore, but I will (eventually) be adding them to my other gallery if tu want to keep an eye out. publicado hace más de un año
jlhfan624 comentó…
Oops here's the link: link hace más de un año
LeoRising comentó…
I look adelante, hacia adelante to seeing más Frasier images. How do tu subir screencaps to FanPop? hace más de un año
BJsRealm apoyar por mí a my comments
Hi! How are you? My name is Mark & I'm your new fan. Nice to meet tu btw. Here's a apoyo for your comentarios publicado to The Hippies Club. I'm a new fan btw. Cool. We have so much clubes in common+we both like the Queen. We also like Mary Jane a lot!. We should be friends. I'm already your fan. If tu like, tu can fan me 2. Take care & please stay in touch! Your new fan Mark :-) publicado hace más de un año
LeoRising comentó…
Hi Mark, nice to 'meet'' you. I amor adding fotos ot the hippie section so I'm glad tu liked them. :) Thanks for dropping por and I hope to see tu around. ;) hace más de un año
TheCountess apoyar por mí a my images
...think you'll figure it out when I say 'Chris in the Morning'. Thanks o adding those! 🎃 publicado hace más de un año
TheCountess comentó…
oops! ...typo - meant "for" adding those. ...think that's a sign I've been up too long. lol! hace más de un año
LeoRising comentó…
Happy to contribute! I amor Fanpop! hace más de un año
TheCountess comentó…
😊 hace más de un año
Long live the Queen. publicado hace más de un año
BJsRealm comentó…
Agreed. God save the Queen! o our future King! (Hopefully, Prince William.) <33 hace más de un año
LeoRising dicho de Eureka
Are there any Nathan and Allison shippers out there? publicado hace más de un año
YES! I'm so glad there's a club dedicated to the greatest decade in General Hospital history! So much to fangirl! Thank tu for making it! publicado hace más de un año
LeoRising dicho de Robin Scorpio
Wonderful club! Robin Scorpio and no scrubs is my cup of tea! (JnR forever!) publicado hace más de un año