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Well Sokka was also the strategist and planner and no one had that ability to be fair. For all of their talent with bending. None of the mains had that. publicado hace 1 día
BlindBandit92 comentó…
They wouldn't have found the library,they wouldn't planned out the invasion. Sokka also used his analytical skills to save a village. The creators purposely put nonbenders in situations so they could be useful. On parte superior, arriba of that sokka knows how to fight in every nonbenders style and other nonbenders like suki and ty lee. hace 2 horas
BlindBandit92 comentó…
Oh forgot. He planned out two invasions. One during the eclipse and the comet hace 2 horas
BlindBandit92 comentó…
Head strategists for both of them. I don't think sokka was useless tbh if tu watch the whole series. hace 2 horas
BlindBandit92 comentó…
All of the main cast was prodigies in their own right. Not every non bender is useless. hace 2 horas
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Thanks for the add! (; I barely am here these days so I saw it pretty late though. ;p publicado hace 3 días
Kuro_Hyou666 dicho de Kuro Hyou
I actually won't really be able be on here for like another 3 weeks. No reception. No wifi. Fuck my life. No fanpop. No League of Legends. No Youtube. Have to drive into town just to get reception. Ugh. publicado hace 10 días
pinkbloom comentó…
Pathetic condition man! Hope tu are doing well. hace 10 días
Ranty-cat comentó…
F hace 7 días
Nuri__ comentó…
Hell hace 4 días