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I can't believe this page is still going on, i'm so happy omg !!!
i was a very active member about 3 years ago, i'm so happy seeing this still active.
i wonder if any of the old folks still here !! ahhh have fun guys <3 publicado hace más de un año
tiffany88 comentó…
<3 hace más de un año
KataraLover comentó…
Well, it's certainly been a long time. Nice to see tu again! hace más de un año
MalloMar comentó…
Hi! I think tu left about the time I joined. :) Good to see you! hace más de un año
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Any chance I could get tu to vote and maybe leave a comentario in this disney encuesta I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comentario and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) publicado hace más de un año
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Add me back please! publicado hace más de un año
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Oh! Thank tu soooo much for saying so about my BB pics!
tu are very kind! I'm very happy tu like it! ^-^ publicado hace más de un año
tiffany88 dicho …
Aww I know, I miss yours too :3 Especially your lovely icons! Actually I spent most of my time on dA.
I always wanted to make a tumblr, but never really have time. publicado hace más de un año
tiffany88 dicho …
Hey, dear <3 Thanks I'm fine, what about you? Busy with real life ? :) publicado hace más de un año
elloooo, It's been ages, any of the old people here ? publicado hace más de un año
Safira-09 comentó…
Some of us..but many aren´t as active as they used to be^^ hace más de un año
Maria7Potter comentó…
Hi, welcome back! :) hace más de un año
CuteDiana comentó…
oooh heeey, glad to see tu guys ! miss the site <3 hace más de un año
lianacute dicho …
will u be my friend? publicado hace más de un año
cherrypopmj dicho …
hola havent spoke to tu in ages publicado hace más de un año
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Absolutely amor your latest Princess iconos <333
They're GREAT! publicado hace más de un año