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for being one of the very few people who ship lisa & dean publicado hace más de un año
So I think I should explain myself. First of all sorry for escritura this after so long I've just been busy. Second, my absence will continue until sometime the beginning of April. I just have my priorities elsewhere. My best friend really needed me for this project for a competition that's on Saturday and after that's over I have to do backstage work for my schools play which is in April, and on parte superior, arriba of that, I have to take my permit test sometime soon, as I'm already late in taking it. publicado hace más de un año
Brooke_Scott comentó…
Anyway I just wanted to explain why I've been gone. I don't want tu guys to think that you're not important in my life because tu are and I miss tu and I promise I'll be back sometime in April and fulfill whatever promises I made then (meaning tu Ray, sorry again, tu must be tired of me saying that and me disappointing tu every time but I promise once I'm free I'll write and send tu the fic) hace más de un año
Nicolas97 comentó…
BABY ZZZZZZZZ <33333 tu do whatever it's important in your life, sweetie ♥ We amor tu and want tu to succeed, come back when tu can, ILY♥ hace más de un año
XxXrachellXxX comentó…
That's fine, I know other stuff is más important! hace más de un año
mooshka comentó…
Z♥ hace más de un año
maryam1311 apoyar por mí a my links
Ehehe. Don't worry about it. <3
I'm been great. Just so busy with school, I can't check on fanpop anymore as much as I use to. :(
My favorito! OTH season has to be season one, two, and three. I loved when they were all in high school.
Do tu watch The Following? publicado hace más de un año