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  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, all of them;
    Favorite Book or Author: Parry Otter, the Chosen One; minor leaniencies towards Dan Brown; Richard Dawkins; trying to get my hands on Stephen King.
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Do tu still come online? I want to talk to you. :)

~Best B. publicado hace más de un año
Just gonna leave Armeemarsch I, 93 AMS here. :p publicado hace más de un año
Quaila comentó…
And of course, not to mention AM III, 18 AMS, "Redowatschka" :p hace más de un año
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oh....i am sorry if i was rude.....i was in a bad mood...
so sry publicado hace más de un año
mr-cullen comentó…
forgive me for my foolishness............ hace más de un año