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posted by Zekrom676
tu are my sun, tu light the sadness in my soul
your smile radiates the corners of my corazón yet I took tu for granted, pushed tu away but tu still brighten my sorrows
When I felt useless, tu gave me encouragement
when I despaired, tu gave me hope,
When I cried, your smile shined on my face Grieving over my old love, tu mended my corazón
Now when tu are hurt, so am I
when tu grieve, I shed your tears
When tu suffer, I try to help shoulder your burdens
when tu fight, I want to give tu my strength When tu smile, I want to smile with tu
tu are the warmth of my life, and though I do not mostrar it
tu are my sun, MY Naruto

Haruno Sakura
posted by Zekrom676
As my green eyes wondered,
Across the debrie,
Strong, warm arms,
Wrapped around me.

"The village may be gone, but i'm still here"
He said, as I looked up to his eyes,
So blue, so clear, no hint of fear,
Tears began to stain my cheeks.

"What if i lost you!",
I cried out,
"But tu didn't,
So no need to shout"

I cried into his chest,
As sadness welled up in my heart,
But I knew he loved me,
So we could have a new start.

"I amor you",
He said, so calmly, so sure,
He smiled down at me,
Eyes full of amor so pure.

"I amor tu too",
naruto and Sakura,
What a lovely pairing,
"Um, I think we should stop hugging (>")><("<), people are staring".
1. naruto Uzumaki
2. Sakura Haruno
3. kakashi sensei
4. Mizukage Mei Terumi
5. Jiraiya sensei
6. Tsunade
7. Neji Hyuga

1. Ichigo Kurosaki
2. Orihime Inoue
3. Byakuya Kuchiki
4. Neliel tu (can't spell last name)
5. Unohana Retsu
6. Lisa (don't know last name)
7. Toshiro Hitsugaya
8. Halibel

1. Ash
2. Dawn
3. Hilda
4. Skyla
5. Solana
6. Riley
7. Professor Ivy

Beyblade Metal:
1. Ginka Hagane
2. Ryuga
3. Dashian (Tashian)

Soul Eater:
1. Soul
2. Blair
3. Death the Kid
4. Tsubaki

1. Vegeta
2. Gogeta
3. Kid buu
4. Broly
5. Super saiyan kid Goku
6. Super 17

1. Mikado
2. Celty

FullMetal Alchemist...
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posted by sasuki_uchigowa
HELLOOOOO PEOPLEE so welcome to my articulo ( really is not articulo at all -_-) well i wanna pley a game game with tu guys its call I AM MEME ( and tu put something else near the meme if tu want ) If tu dont know what that games is then tu ARE AN LOSER * say it like a mostrar game * lol kidding i always want to say that anyway i am here to explain tu come and write 10 misceláneo things but they have to start with the "I am " then when tu finish tu tag people tu want to do this game too

e.x ( I am an idiot and i like pancakes) <---- like that so i start ( lol rythme)

1) I am an idiot ^_^
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