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posted by anime_obsessed5
Read this first!!
This is NOT like my other artículos this is not supposed to be funny.But some parts maybe.Now on with the story.

It's was a abnormal día in the palace everyone was totally manic,Mana just stud there watching the chaos.She just sighed no one would tell her what was going on not even Mahado would tell her,he dicho it would cause her harm,and she Hadn't seen Atem once,but the servants dicho she was not allowed out of her room.So she just looked out her window leaning against the wall,she wanted to go out and have an adventure with Atem and Mahado like she used to.She saw someone...
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posted by safben
Chapter 7: Battle in the palace

All of the priests and Atem raised their left arms and a strange device was seen on their arms. The boys noticed these devices and turned to Nefertiri.
“What are those things?” Yugi asked.
“Those are Dia Dianks,” she answered her brown eyes still facing the defending priests and Pharaoh.
“'Dia' what?” Yugi asked again, still confused.
“I'm sorry guys. I don't know much about a Dia Diank, except that is what the priests and the Pharaoh use to summon their Kaas,” Nefertiri said.
“Shh we can't let them see us,” Nefertiri whispered.
Yugi turned...
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posted by safben
Chapter 5: Work at dawn, celebration at dusk

The morning sun was rising upon the sandy horizon of Egypt, hitting the pyramids casting long shadows on their sides. As más beams of light sped across the sands, the light had finally reached the palace. The first beams to hit the palace was in Pharaoh Atem's room. Atem slowly opened his eyes only then to see his room flooded in the morning shine.
“Morning already?” he yawned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, put a cream colored kilt on, and placed the Sennen puzzle around his neck. Atem walked out to his balcony and saw the quiet and empty...
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"Wait!What about Bakura?!" Mana asked panicking
"He'll be fine.We have to go!" Marik dicho moving her in front of himself and pushing her to a hiding place.
"We have to-"
"Hi Mana." Bobasa dicho coming from nowhere.
"Bobasa!" Mana yelled jumping to hug him.
"Hey,we have to get Mana somewhere safe." Marik said.
"Mana's in trouble?" Bobasa asked.
"Yeah." Mana dicho looking sad.
"Okay Bobasa knows a hiding place." Bobasa dicho picking up Mana and Marik.He took them to the back of a shop.
"Mana will be seguro here...Who are you?"
"I'm Marik."
"Nice to meet tu Marik.I'm Bobasa."
"cool...Cool."Marik said.Mana started...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Akiza: Up!
Akiza and Mai: Up!
Akiza, Mai, and Alexis: Up!
Akiza, Mai, Alexis, and Mina: Up!
Tristan: Sing!
Tristan and Joey: Sing!
Tristan, Joey, and Jack: Sing!
Tristan, Joey, Jack, and Kalin: Sing!
Girls: We're flying.
Boys: And singing.
All Except Tea, Yusei, Bakura, and Crow: We're flying and we're singing!
Mai: Come fly with us!
Mai and Joey: Come fly with us!
Carly: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!
Akiza: Come fly with us!
Akiza and Mina: Come fly with us!
Alejandro: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must. (Akiza sighs in love)
Yusei: Guys, this is messed. You're canto in a plane.
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posted by reyfan01
After the whole situation with yugi and yami, I'd say that my life has been very happy. After 10 years, I'm happy with my job as a daycare teacher. I amor taking care of little children and making them smile. Joey and I aren't living in the same house anymore. After I turned 20, I moved into my own small condo close por to my work. My job pays fairly and I'm able to be on time without stress. The only down side to living in my condo is that I don't live as close as I want to to my brother. But we still make time together.

My personal life has been very peaceful, but Duke and Tristan have been...
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posted by kaibaluv
So, when I got home, I took a ducha, ducha de and changed out of that hideous school uniform. At least I only have to wear it on Mondays. Great, another reason to hate the day.

After my shower, I put on my long sleeved, gray Omni-Peace shirt, some Mudd jeans, and a pair of gray socks. I have this strange, unbreakable habbit of always wearing socks, even to the beach! But, of course, my dad makes me take them off before stepping out of our hover craft and slipping on some sandals.

I finished my science homework for Mr.A and flopped on my cama with a bowl of ramen noodles I got from the kitchen. I then...
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posted by kaibaluv
“Emma, Emma. Come on, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open when I felt someone shaking me. I looked up and saw dear ol’ pops. I felt unusually groggy; I’m usually willing to wake up. So, I thought, it must be early. I turned to see neon numbers illuminating, numbers that read 3:15.

“Dad, what do tu want? It’s three in the morning.” I dicho sleepily, still half asleep. “Emma, normally I would scold tu about tu talking to that Kaiba character last night, but this is urgent. I’ve been up all night because of it.” He said.

“Why can’t tu just sleep on it like normal people?”...
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tu sit there, sipping on your wine. Watching professors, researchers, scientists, and even psychologists receiving awards. Of course they would invite you. They could care less about your studies, lectures, and findings. They just thought tu were crazy; just like your grandfather. He was a great scientist, your role model. His theories, findings, discoveries were out of this planet. The whole town called him crazy, dicho he believed in myths and that nothing was a fact. They laughed at him when he claimed that there was an eighth millennium item. She had read many journals about it after he...
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Yusei as Duncan
Yami as Harold
Tea as LeShawna
Mai as Heather
Akiza as Courtney
Sayer as Justin
Mina as Lindsay
Carly as Beth
Jack as Chris
Yusei: (to Sayer) How can tu spend so much time on your coif?
Sayer: My agent, Jesús, says it's my best feature. Along with my neck, nose, chin, cheekbones, earlobes, eyebrows...
Yusei: tu know who has nice hair? Akiza. I mean, not that I've noticed.
Sayer: ...or maybe it's my eyes...
Yusei: I mean, I did notice...back when I cared- but not now... (to Yami) tu dropped your soap.
Yami: Nice try, Yusei. Just because I'm blind without...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

Small Piece Golem
Medium Piece Golem
Large Piece Golem
Sinister rueda de espigas, piñón
Dark Resonator
Twin Shield Defender
Mad Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Trap Eater
Twin Sword Marauder
Dark Tinker
Strong Wind Dragon
Ogre of the Scarlet Shadow
Battle Fader
Power Supplier
Magic Hole Golem
Power Invader
Dark Bug
Sword Master
Archfiend Interceptor
Dread Dragon
Trust Guardian
Power Giant
Vice Berserker
Lance Archfiend
Power Breaker
Flare Resonator
Synchro Magnet
Barrier Resonator
Force Resonator
Clock Resonator

Synchro Monsters:

Red Dragon Archfiend
Exploder Dragonwing
Majestic Red Dragon
Chaos King Archfiend
Dark Highlander
Sirius the Blue Dog Star

Fusion Monsters:

Multiple Piece Golem
posted by Yugi-Game-King
 Sweet,and kind.
Sweet,and kind.
(with Yugi,and Mana in the floor...)
Yugi leaned away,and Mana,and him both couldn't help but blush tomoto red. "I-I...." Yugi was at a loss for words. "It-Its alright Yugi...." Mana said,and hugged him sitting up. "Mana?" "Yes Yugi?" "Would you....Go to Yami,and Tea's wedding with me....As m-my...." Yugi trailed off,and sat back away from Mana. "As your date?" Mana ask. Yugi looked down, sighed,and wispered. "Yes..." "Of chorse I'll go as your date!" Mana exclamed,and bounced onto Yugi,putting them laying back in the floor, with Mana ontop of Yugi this time. They both blushed,and Mana got...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(The story starts with Joey sleeping at his house with chips on his stomach, in a white camisa, camiseta and underwear)

Mai: Unacceptable!

Joey: Mai!

Mai: My friends will be here in 20 minutos for my slumber party and you're laying around in your tighty-no-longer-whities.

Joey: A man works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend.

Mai: If tu trusted me tu would leave for the night.

Joey: (he laughs and maíz chips come out of his nose) tu make maíz Crunch come out my nose!

Mai: Joey!

Joey: Look, I'll stay upstairs in my room and not interrupt.

Mai: tu promise?

Joey: I promise.

Mai: Good night,...
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amor Will Find a Way

{Scene switches back to Pride Rock. Atem is standing at the tip of the
promontory, staring off into the distance.}

Father... please reconsider!

You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.

No! That's not--

He used tu to get to me!

No! He loves me... for me!

Because tu are my daughter! tu will not leave Pride Rock. tu will
stay where I can keep an eye on you... away from him.

You don't know him!

I know he's following in Bakura's footprints... and I must follow in my

You will never be Aknamkanon!

{Atem is stung,...
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posted by safben
Chapter 8: A talk with the Pharaoh

Some few moments passed and Diaboundo's burst stream and Obelisk's fists were still pushing to attack the other. Marik and Bakura gave as much power as they could to the Kaa as Atem did to his own Kaa. The tension between them was high and the más power they gave, the más their bodies ached. Finally, the intertwining power of the burst stream and fists erupted causing both Kaas, the thieves, and Atem to fly backwards. All of them landing on the alabaster floor, leaving many scratches and holes.
“Impossible!” exclaimed Isis.
“They withstood the attack...
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posted by DusanIvanovic
Ever wanted to cheat?So easy,there are a lot ways.
1.Prepare deck,and on turns tu have just a strong cards like Dark Magician,Blue Eyes White Dragon (i have it not deck of it) and many more!
2.Use a strongest card in one turn.
3.Never ever say that tu listened to this articulo cause,people will look at it and cheat against tu be careful.
4.Last turn,you have to choose a strongest card EVER to beat your opponent easy.
5.Drop all weak and useless cards.
Look at those cards,they are so easy to cheat with.
Hope tu enjoyed cheating.
If tu have some weak cards,you can go to comprar tommorow o today/tonight o some another day.Then,drop every weak cards (they have like a 900 and less (1000 and más is stronger) like a Kuriboh haves less than that).
posted by Spinner13
Inspired por Peter's Evil Overlord lista - a lista of dos and don'ts for evil overlords based on classic mistakes por such. I'm only escritura down a few things that have been really bugging me, mostly Marik and Bakura centered, so feel free to add anything that's been annoying tu in your comments! Just follow the format tu see in the one I write.

#1: If I have two of my nemesis' best friends mind controlled, I'll have one of them get him alone and stab him. I will not make one challenge him to a children's card game.

#2: If my nemesis seems really anxious for me to do something that I think will...
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Another Child

{Thunder and wind. Camera passes some calmly grazeing horses; we open
on Seto's room.}

Asante sana
Squash banana
We we nugu
Mi mi apana!

{We see he is painting on his wall: a new child, with the
ceremonial mark across the forehead, next to the old drawing of Atem.}

Ahh, Mana...

{Wind blows Seto's hair wildly, signifying Aknamkanon's presence}

Ooh, Aknamkanon! Such a day this has been! Princess Mana's birth...
another Circle of Life is complete, and the Pride's future is once
again secure.

{Wind blows at the paintings, scattering some of the markings}

Aaah! Stop it, stop it,...
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Tea: (While on the phone) No way! How?
Joey: How what?
Tea: Shhhhhhhh! Really? Oh my God that's so great!
Joey: What's great?
Tea: Shhhhhhhhhhh! So everyone? On the whole sub?
Joey: Everyone on the whole what?
Tea: Just stuff your chicken!
[After té explains the beginning of an iTea webcast]
Joey: Why doesn´t Tristan say "in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1?
Tea: No one knows!
Tristan: I know!
Tea: No one cares!
(doing a Terrible Theatre segment)
Yugi: Might I also have some food, father?
Tristan: No! Floss my toes!
Yugi: (sobbing) Oh, Father!
Baby Joey: Get between Daddy's toes! MYEEHEHEHEH!
Yugi: Father, please, it smells like gorganzola!
posted by lilmissYuganna
Ok we all know of the supposed stories of the past and Pharaoh's return, don't you?

Well, there is a part of the story that was never mentioned por Priest Seto, so now it's up to me to tell you. S*** I hope I do this right...


Atem was running, he flowed over the grouond waiting for the command of the Pharaoh (who he was named after por his Yami*) to reach him, he'd been patroling since the sun had rose and he was waiting. Curse this endless waiting the fool Bakura would have shown himself now, wouldn't he? That man was a thorn in the Slifar's side. As he ran something caught Atem's eye....
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