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Mount Justice
August 8, 2011    19:55 EDT
“Kid Flash should be here any minute…” M’gann stated to the teams new teammate, Artemis. Robin, M’gann, Red Tornado, Batman, Green Arrow, Superboy, Kaldur and Artemis stood in the circular room. Soon enough the zeta tube announced, “Recognized: Kid Flash-B-zero-three”.
“There he is now! I’m sure tu two will get along famously,” M’gann dicho as a red headed boy in yellow swim trunks appeared behind her. He was carrying a playa ball, boom box, green cooler, a shopping bag, red and white stripped fold up chair, a...
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The two arrow sidekicks crept down the stairs with out a sound. Roy led the way. He stopped and looked over at the lounge room.
"Well?" Artemis asked in a loud whisper.
"He's busy talking to Black Canary. We should be fine" answered Roy. " Watch your step!" Artemis took a step adelante, hacia adelante onto a green calcetín and slipped adelante, hacia adelante onto Roy. They toppled backwards onto the floor.
"I told you!" Roy exclaimed. He glared angrily at the female archer. In the distance Green arrow dicho a brief goodbye and hung up. He walked towards the two sidekicks.
"Why are tu two down there?"asked Arrow. "It's not what i think...
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