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posted by MikkiDs
I walked out of the ice cream parlor, carrying a double scooped vanilla waffle cone with chocolate syrup and extra nuts. I sat in an empty bench and began to watch the everyday lives of regular estrella City citizens. Of course I wasn't am everyday citizen. I looked like a pretty normal teenager about 17 years old. But if anyone touched my skin it would feel ice cold.

If they tried to feel for a pulse, there wouldn't be one.

If I got cut I wouldn't bleed.

If they asked me my name, I wouldn't know it.

I was dead.

Simple as that.

While I was enjoying my ice cream a young man about 20 looking sat siguiente to me.

"Hey, chief." I said

"You shouldn't be eating that. It's bad for your health." He responded.

"Um Hello? I'm a dead soul forever cursed to wander on this plane of existence. It's not like I can gain weight o even have high blood sugar o whatever." I retorted.

He sighed and shook his head. " You've been neglecting tu duties."

"Shut up." I took another bite up my ice cream. I've been doing this job for 40 years, I'm never going to get to Heaven."

"It's because of him isn't it?"

I paused. He had gotten to my weak point.

"I'm right aren't I?" Yep, he was right.

"Shut up." It was all I could say.

"You need to mover on. It wasn't the end of the world."He was trying to cheer me up.

" 'It wasn't the end of the world'? It nearly was the end of the universe!"

"Ok so maybe it was but The League did stop him, eventually."

"He's still out there cheif! And he's still terrorizing the lives of millions!"

"Please, tu need to calm down and mover on. I've gotten tu a new case and he's an interesting one."

I rolled my eyes. "My definition of interesting and your definition of interesting are two very different things."

"Really he's different."

"How different?" I questioned.

"He was a superhero. Now a supervillian." He handed me a green folder, I set it in my lap and opened it up. A picture of an African-American teen with steely gray eyes and gills on his neck looked back at me.

"He's... Atlantean." I dicho as I read over his file. Kaldur'ahm son of Black Manta and formal protege to Aquaman. His alias was Aqualad. He had formed a team with Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis and other various sidekicks and young heroes. But had turned to the dark side when his old girlfriend, Tula otherwise known as Aquagirl, was killed on a mission.

"It looks like a broken heart..." I stated.

"He needs help. He needs somebody like tu to guide him" Chief said.

"I don't know. It sounds like a big case." I said, unsure of myself.

"This may be the case that could get tu up there."

"Fine." I said. "I'll take him."

"Good I know tu can do it." I heard him say but when I looked up he was already gone like he was never there at all.

I looked back at the young Atlantean's face. He seemed so distant, lost, those steely gray eyes held back lots of unseen emotion.

This was going to be one tough case.
 I was sleeping,right after batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping,right after Batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping when batman woke me up saying:
There`s a mission and your late!.
I took litterraly 1 minuto to get dressed and go to MT.Justice.

When I got there it was the Joker on the screen saying:Im having a Girl compettion and I need your girls Batsy,and Wonder woman o The bomb in Central park will go off with a push of a button now don`t make me wait.

Great,first im late now I have to wear a traje de baño o people die.
Hey guys,sorry im late umm I overslept.
"Its okay,but a girls compettion? what can he gain from that?"Asked M`gann
Lets just go there and get this over with the sonner we get there...
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The siguiente día after. Recognized Zatara B O4 the machine dicho as Zatara walked in, Zatanna embraced him immeadiatley por giving him a hug. " I am so glad your safe" he dicho as his daughter looked up at him, " Why did they even take tu in the first place?" he asked, Zatanna who looked back at Robin and dicho " The Joker was trying to make us registrarse his team, but in order to do that he thought if he could get the one thing the other person most cared for, then we would join", Zatara eyed his daughter oddly then asked " but who most cares for you?" he whispered in his daughters ear. "I-I im not sure"...
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Though not at all like batman he allowed the team to have a little break from their crime fighting, so to get them away from the cave he sent them out on a camping trip. Superboy being a clone and everytihng not understanding how this so called word " camping" is suppost to go, Robin and Aqualad had just finished setting up the two tents, and Superboy looked at it in confusion, " what is that?" he asked pointing to it, " ummmm a tent" Robin replied as a giggle came into his words. " Whats a tent?", " something tu sleep in for camping" Wally replied over at the campfire while stuffing a marshmellow...
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