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posted by justjill
Megan's bio-ship landed on the hard pavent of Boston sending passerby running of for safety. "What happen?" Aqualad asked Megan."I don't know, she felt something pulling her down." They quickly got out of the Bio-ship and looked around, suddenly a fuego ball shot through the air and almost landed on Artemis until KidFlash quickly pushed her away. "Hahahaha! we meet again, baby justice league!" Dr Evil laughed crazily launching fuego balls at them. "Enough of this nonsense!" Superboy shouted, his anger rising to his/her top. Superboy launch himself into the air and came down onto Dr Crazy creating a loud crack. Superboy fell to the ground Megan rushing to his/her side. A blue luminous shield loom over Dr Crazy. "Haha! tu think I would just let tu take a punch? This shield is made of Kryptonite even superman can puñetazo, ponche through this shield!"Superboy got to his feet glaring menacingly at Dr Crazy."Did tu break a nail huh? SuperGirl? Ha! tu look so-" An arow shot through the air and zip into the shield landing onto Dr Crazy's fuego Ball Gun exploding it into pieces. "Red Arrow! He's finally here! Well he took a long time..." KidFlash dicho in relief. Red arrow appeared in the scene bu looked abit shock at the sight of KidFlash, Robin, Aqualad and Superboy. "we will explain later. For now, we fight." Aqualad dicho over to Red Arrow. "Oh no, I seem to be out numbered! Oh well, it only means one thing..." Dr Crazy took out his Swap Gun and shot it at them creating a nube of smoke. "Ohno, not this time." Robin dicho throwing a Batrand into th smoke hearing a metal clang, he grinned. When the smoke had disappeared they looked at each other and KidFlash hopeful to have switched back to normal still looked the same but only one switch was made, Red arrow was a girl... "This is Dr Crazy's idea of a evil plan? Turning us into girls?" Red arrow said. They nodded together."He is so going to pay for this..." Red arrow looked at his costume and realized he was wearing a skirt.
They tracked Dr Crazy with the help of the Batrang that was shot and was led to a small house. They approached the house and rang the bell. The door opened to reveal a frail old woman who looked exhausted. "We are looking for Dr Crazy and his trail has led to here." Red arrow told promptly examining the old woman. "Oh, tu mean that stupid boy of mine?" "urm..."before Red arrow cold continue the old Lady yelled,"Sam! tu have friends who want to see you!" Stomping could be heard from the basement and to their surprise Dr Crazy emerged. They charged into the room and chased Dr Crazy down the basement. "Play nice dearies!" The old woman called after them. "What are tu planning to do huh?" Superboy asked, the young justice enclosing him in a corner. "Alright I tell you! I plan on turning everyone in this planet into a girl! There I dicho it!" "But why?" They asked together."Well, isn't pretty obvious? Girls are such a sissy and they are so weak! All they do is whine! SO if I become the only guy in the world I can control of them, I can be the ruler of the whole world!Hahahahahaha!" The Young Justice exchanged glances, but only Artemis was fuming mad."You think girls are weak? wait till I mostrar you, tu little nerd..."Artemis gritted through her teeth ready to throw a puñetazo, ponche KidFlash stopped her in time before she could attack him, but Dr Crazy had reached for a small rayo, ray gun while they weren't paying attention and pointed it at Megan. "Haha, say good bye Martian!" He pulled the trigger but the rayo, ray bounced back and aimed at the gun,exploding it."A real dumb thing to do when this Martian can control things with her mind"Megan mentally told him."Artemis, if tu may do the honor?" Superboy smirked and as Artemis laughed,"Hahahahaha...say good bye nerd..." ready to throw her punch.

Back at young Justice the boys were turned back to boys and everything was at peace for now... "Yes I win! Again!" Artemis shoved it at Wally's face."Congrats, Artemis."Wally dicho smiling at Artemis cheekily. She smiled and asked,"So how was it feel like being a girl?" "Pretty cool, I still got my souvenir." He held out the bra Artemis had dado him to help him with his back ache. "Hey! Thats mine! Return it back!" Artemis shouted turning red. "Catch me of tu can!" Wally ran of, Artemis chasing behind...

"Sam Crazy, tu are free to go." the security guard said. "Sam! My stupid boy! I feed tu and I raised tu and this is how tu treat your own mother! tu still live in my inicial and haven't even got a proper job yet! I am so disappointed in you!" The old woman yelled."Sorry ma..." Dr Crazy dicho trailing behind his own mom.

The end... :P
posted by Robin_Love
“What did tu do?”
Wally looked up from eating his emparedado, sándwich de to stare into Robin's upset face.
“Rebecca's upset and won't talk to me. dicho tu did something.”
Robin leaned in close, anger visible through his mask.
“What did tu do?”
Wally scooted back a little. He'd seen Robin angry but this was weird. Didn't the Boy Wonder know that she was only playing with his head?
“Nothing! I just...warned her not to hurt anyone on the team.”
It wasn't the truth but it was close enough for Wally's taste.
Wally rubbed the spot on his head that Robin had slapped.
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posted by Skittles98
“I’m on Themyscira. I am un-harmed and doing well. I’m being trained to be an Amazon. Don’t come. We are preparing in case of battle. There is something on the horizon coming towards us that might pose a threat” I informed them. I saw my hawks flying towards me. I held out my arm and they landed. They made a bunch of caws and squawks that I understood. There was a barco with six people coming towards here. No weapons, but four men.
“Okay. We’ll send Megan and Artemis to pick tu up” Robin informed me
“No. Not yet. I’m not finished here. I must help my sisters against the men.”...
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posted by Candy77019
 "This is Sabrina, my fiancee."
"This is Sabrina, my fiancee."
I counted to twenty until the door finally opened. A familiar brown haired man appeared from behind it, smiling.
"Erica, nice to see you!" Chris greeted, motioning inside. "Come in!"
"Thanks," I muttered, following him to the livingroom. Usually, Annaliese would be lectura magazines there, o Victoria would be painting her nails.
"Where're the girls?" I asked awkwardly, forgetting the reason why I came here.
"Anna's working late, and Vicky's attending a baloncesto game. Do tu need anything?" he asked after I looked around the livingroom.
"Oh, I just... wanted to know... how tu guys were doing,...
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Justicia Joven
It was another autumn día at Gotham Academy, it was Janice & Selena Teresa Gaenon’s first día at the school, they were really nervous but excited at the same time, then they met Artemis’ friend, Bette who was actually Gotham Academy’s welcoming committee, she greeted & welcomed them to the school, but all of a sudden, when they walked into the courtyard, the sisters noticed a red haired girl & 4 ebony haired boys, then they leaned over to Bette & asked,”Bette, who’s that over there?” Bette said,”what? Oh! tu mean over there?” the sisters nodded & Selena...
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