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“Guys! I have cool news!” I called. The team walked over.
“I heard we’re getting a new member, a friend of Zatanna, the sorceress” I smiled
“So our new teammate might know magic?” Megan asked hopefully
“Yeah” I nodded
“Do tu know if it’s a girl?” Wally asked, which was followed por an ‘ouch’ from being elbowed por Artemis.
“I’m not sure. Might be” I shrugged.
“Batman’s back. And he has someone with him” Connor informed us “Definitely a girl” he winced. A minuto later batman came on the comm. link telling us to come to the mission room. We all headed over. batman was standing with a girl about the age of 14. She was wearing white shorts and a white top. She was holding a staff and had a navy blue parte superior, arriba hat on. batman muttered something and she turned around. She had brilliant turquoise eyes and rich chocolate brown hair framing her face. We walked up to her.
“Team, this is your new teammate, Enchantress” batman introduced
‘I’m guessing she knows magic Megan’ I thought
‘Cool!’ she thought back. Enchantress walked up to us.
“Anyone want to see a magic trick?” she asked
“Yes!” Megan exclaimed. She took off her hat.
“I will now pull a bunny from my hat” she smiled. We just looked at her.
“Trust me, it took me a año to perfect this trick” she reached into her hat “Bugs? Bugs, tu come out right this second!” A giant hand reached down from the ceiling and grabbed KF. He struggled against it, but it pulled him up. Enchantress pulled her hand from her hat. She was holding Wally! Except he was tiny.
“Aw! He’s so tiny!” Megan awed. Enchantress put him on the ground.
“Stay still” she ordered “Cab oot lamron” he grew back to normal size.
“That was weird. What tech did tu use?” he asked
“It’s a little something I like to call magic” to emphasize her point, she made her hand sparkle and glow when she dicho magic.
“Magic is just a bunch of advanced bio science with sparkles” he rolled his eyes. She smirked.
“Dunuphear” she said. My utility cinturón, correa was suddenly in her hands. “Explain that with science”
“Voice activated teleporters” he smirked
“Lex eeb nacorb” she said. My cinturón, correa turned into a snake. She threw it at him. It slithered around his waist. “Anied muceb namew” it turned back into my belt. He took it off and threw it at me. I put it back on.
“Built in voice activated holograms” he smirked
“Ugh! tu are the most stubborn person in the entire cosmos!” she sighed
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I watched as Alex flew out. I turned back to the team to find them lined up, glaring at me.
“What?!” I demanded
“Robin, go apologize right now” Kalder ordered
“Why? Because I was truthful?” I asked, exasperated
“Go” Kalder dicho again
“But she burnt Megan!” I exclaimed
“No, she didn’t” Megan dicho quietly
“Then how did tu get those burns?” I demanded
“We were in her mind and I got to close to her memories, which are represented por an ever lasting fire” she explained. Kalder looked at me.
“All right, all right. I’ll go apologize! It’ll be pretty hard considering...
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“Megan, come take a look at this!” I called. She flew over, keeping a distance from the fire. I smiled apologetically.
“Megan, this pictures… they are going through the years, anything I remember from when I was four up to now”
“Why four?” Megan asked
“I don’t like to talk about it” I looked away. I heard Megan gasp. I turned back to the fuego and it had turned pinkish red. I looked at the pictures and realized they were of people I either had a crush on o loved, like my mom. It went through my years then finally caught up with the present. First it showed my mom, then Johnny...
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 "In a ghost town?"
"In a ghost town?"
I paced around the room, ignoring the team's confused looks and Batman's tapping on the computer.
Lian was on my mind the whole time. I couldn't oso, oso de to think that something bad had happened to her.
I looked at Batman, who was staring at a map on the computer screen. He kept zooming in and out, not able to find anything.
I groaned and started pacing again, impatient.
Finally, beeping noises came from the computer. On the map, was a glowing yellow dot.
"What's that?" I demanded, pointing at it.
"I just tracked Jeannette's signal, when Kid Flash contacted her. Hopefully, Lian is with her."
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“Recognized Hawk Girl B07” the computer dicho as I flew in with my clothes for the week, pajama’s, pillows, toiletries and money. All in a single bag. I flew over to Megan, who was waiting in the middle of the mission room.
“Hey Megan! My mom dicho it was okay if I use a spare room here” I smiled
“Yay! OMG! We’re going to have so much fun!!” Megan exclaimed. She dragged me to my room. “This one is perfect for you! And it’s right across from mine!” I laughed as she ran in. I walked in looking around. Megan was right. This room was perfect for me. It was a large room that looked...
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 "I hoped it wouldn't cost the weatherman his job."
"I hoped it wouldn't cost the weatherman his job."
Even though the weatherman had dicho it was going to be sunny, the sky was a cloudy gray. It was mostly my fault for making the air cooler, but nobody had to know.
Instead of flying up the mountain, I hiked it like a normal person. It gave me time to concentrate on my life, to wonder what would await me in the future.
I could feel loads of blisters on my foot, but I didn't care. It started raining, and I tried my best to make it sunny again.
It didn't work. I hoped it wouldn't cost the weatherman his job.
Finally, I reached the meadow. The blossoms were still bright, just like they were two...
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 "I didn't answer, just kept looking out the window."
"I didn't answer, just kept looking out the window."
Two months later...

I was crouched against the passenger door as Christopher drove through the endless traffic on the way to the hospital. I caught him looking at me, but he didn't say anything.
I sighed. "This is stupid and totally unnecessary."
"Jenny, this is for the best," he defended. "We can't risk another death in the family."
I pouted. "It was only one death. Two won't make a difference."
He hit the brakes so hard, it even hurt me, the superhero. "Shit!" he cursed. He looked at me expectedly.
He glared. "Two months ago, tu would've laughed if some dude flipped me off."
I didn't...
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 I wore the dress artemis gave me and took the roe conner gave me.
I wore the dress artemis gave me and took the roe conner gave me.
One week has already passed,just one more.
"Happy Birthday!"
Robin?its my Birthday alredy?
"Its not Robin its Bruce hes waiting for tu at MT.Justice come on I`ll take you."
Batman took me to Mt.Justice I could`nt even hear Wally eating.Is lossing your hearing part of the dammage?
"No"oh. "Surprise!!Happy BirthDay!!!!"
"Present time Birthday girl!!"I think it was Wally who dicho that.
Umm I can`t see tu guys wanna lead me towards the chair?
"Sorry,here grab my hand."M`gann had told me
"ohh ohh I`ll go first!!"I could feel Wally grinning.
"Here open it" Wally I can`t see what it is can tu tell me?
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 "With tears in my eyes, I flew into Mount Justice."
"With tears in my eyes, I flew into Mount Justice."
My hands burst into flames, but I didn't care. My eyes were glued to what looked like an unfaithful boyfriend.
"Jenny, I could explain--" he started.
"Explain what, Roy? Frankly, I don't remember getting pregnant!" I turned on my heels and ran out of the shop, ignoring the looks people were giving me.
With tears in my eyes, I flew into Mount Justice, and blasted through the room I used to live in two years ago. I buried my face in my pillow, not crying anymore. Through the blankness, I felt empty, like there was nothing más to life.
I heard a knock on the door. "Jenny? Are tu alright?" It...
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Conan becomes a superhero!
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I used to watch Bill Nye in science class all the time!
Found this cute and describes my amor for all the guys. ;]