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What do tu think is the parte superior, arriba ten most epic moments so far in YJI?

From 10 to 1, like this:

10. 16 Hours (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year" FLASHBACK)
9. Destruction of Melina Island (Ep. 3 "Alienated")
8. Aqualad Revealed (Ep. 3 "Alienated")
7. 40 Years Later... (Ep. 6 "Bloodlines")
6. 'This is Necessary!' (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year")
5. Wives and Girlfriends (Ep. 4 "Salvage")
4. Escape from Bialya (Ep. 5 "Beneath")
3. The Secret (Ep. 7 "Depths")
2. New Team (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year")
1. Artemis's Death (Ep. 7 "Depths")
At first i really thought Aqualad was evil because the amor of his life got killed! Sooooo relived that hes still good and just working undercover!
ecoelo posted hace más de un año
 66Dragons posted hace más de un año
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APWBD112 said:
episode 6 and 7....
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posted hace más de un año 
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