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posted by AislingYJ
Yeah, I know. But since I basically deleted everyone and I only really RP with Aisling, I really wanted to make a new guy. I’ll probably RP as him (and I’ll try to not abandon him) and hopefully he’ll even get his own articulo series, probably after Chasing Shadows is finished.
Name: Vaxley Knight
Alias: Knight
Age: 15
Occupation: Spy; Hero; Vigilante/Freelancer
Appearance: Vaxley is of average height, about 5’9” o 5’10”, and average build. He has lightly tanned skin and faint freckles on and around his nose. His hair is copper-brown, thick and with a slight wave, and cut at an average length, and his eyes are brown. He usually wears simple clothes, never anything flashy; a simple dark t-shirt and slightly baggy pants, sneakers. All in all, he’s very plain looking, slightly attractive, but not noticeably so. In fact, he’s one of those guys that’s not really noticable at all; the one that no one really remembers o picks out of a crowd. Of course, he uses this to his advantage as a spy.

Personality: Vaxley is quiet and a little reserved, but he can be talkative and even outgoing when he needs to be. In fact, he can adapt to virtually any cover that he needs to, faking whatever personality is necessary for his mission. Usually, though, he is on the mysterious side, and listens más than he talks. He may guard his feelings and emotions, but he is never afraid to speak his mind, and tends to do so without regard to how it affects others. He has a blunt, matter-of-fact air to him, especially during missions, and he is good at keeping his cool and staying focused on the task at hand. However, these tendencies cause him to often isolate himself from his peers, but he doesn’t really mind, as he prefers to be alone regardless. He likes to work alone and needs to think for himself, as he tends to get frustrated easily in large groups, but he recognizes the need to travel in packs and have backup around. He has a tough outer shell that takes a while to break through, but once tu get to know him really well, he is extremely loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and actually very caring. He likes to be alone o with a very small group of close friends, and he doesn’t always mesh well with large teams. He also sometimes has some problems with authority figures. Because of all his spy training, he may come across as paranoid o fearful, and he gets nervous easily, but he is stubborn and often refuses to accept help. He is extremely logical and practical and can see things how they are, whether good o bad. He doesn’t always trust strangers and will spend time to judge whether o not they are on his side before he fully opens up. Vaxley is somewhat of a hoarder, and collects many different things, most of which are random, useless, o mundane things. Also, he always seems to be chewing gum. He is extremely cunning and observant and is very good at deductive and logical reasoning, although he often tends to jump to conclusions unnecessarily.
Weaknesses (from the website): Vaxley has several major personality flaws:
Blunt: Vaxley never hesitates to speak his mind, and he is extremely direct and to the point with no regard for others’ feelings. This often prevents him from making friends and he can come across as rude sometimes.
Paranoid: Due to his spy training, Vaxley knows so much about danger that he automatically calculates the risk in every situation. This causes him to come across as paranoid, especially because he gets nervous very easily. He tends to over-analyze and overreact, which adds to this.
Callous: Vaxley always tries to keep his emotions on guard and rarely shows others what he’s feeling. Because of this, people tend to think of him as cold and emotionless, but really he doesn’t want his emotions to dictate his actions. He wants his life to be ruled por logic and practicality, not his feelings.
Fears: Vaxley is terrified of death, and the fact that he knows so many ways he could die doesn’t help. He also hates the darkness, and is claustrophobic but not extremely so.
Powers: Vaxley has no powers.
Skills: Vaxley, due to his spy training, has many skills, including:
Technology: He has many “spy gadgets” and is very good at computers and hacking.
Languages: He knows over 25 languages and can imitate almost any accent.
Martial arts: He is good at fighting hand-to-hand and has also been trained in weapons such as knives, guns, various tools, ecrisma sticks, etc.
Survival skills: He knows how to survive in almost any situation.
Tracking: He can track and tail people easily.
Stealth: Due to his training and his appearance, he is very good at stealth and camouflage.
Bio: Vaxley’s parents were CIA elite spies who went rogue as hired assassins o mercenaries. They became deeply involved in a network of thieves and smugglers known as El Noche (Spanish for “the night”. Yeah yeah it’s technically La Noche but El Noche sounds cooler.). When Vaxley was born, his parents didn’t tell him anything about their occupation. At first they convinced him that they were bankers, but they didn’t specify any details. Later on, when Vaxley turned 10, they told him the “truth”, o what he believed to be the truth: that they worked for the CIA. The siguiente year, they sent him to an elite spy school called the Point Blank Academy. There he received extensive spy training, and he soon proved to be extremely gifted and quickly rose to the parte superior, arriba of his class. When he was 13, the headmaster of the school, Professor Donovan, called him on a special mission. He was promoted to Elite Executive status, the highest rank of students, and Donovan joined the very small group of students who were trusted with some of the most crucial missions and dangerous secrets of the school. He and the other Elite Executives began doing some undercover work of their own, and began to realize that Point Blank Academy was not at all what it seemed. As it turned out, it was really a sort of criminal organization, one being watched por both the CIA and the Justice League. Vaxley and the Elite Executives plotted to stop the dangerous and illegal acts of the Academy, and when Vaxley was 14, the Justice League raided the school. Vaxley helped in the raid, but escaped to avoid being caught either por the authorities o por Donovan. He began living on his own upon learning that his parents had been killed sometime while he was gone, and began searching on his own for the truth about his parents. He was still living in constant danger, as he knew that the Academy, although shut down por the police, would have sent out people to find him and deal with him, and when he was 15 batman informed him that he had been keeping watch on him during the año he was on his own. batman offered him a spot on the team and Vaxley accepted, although he still continued his own investigations.
Sorry that bio was kind of long. I got pretty into it....Tell me what tu think??
 Moar Vaxley
Moar Vaxley
 Still moar Vaxley
Still moar Vaxley
posted by khanna266
3:45 AM Paris, France AmourCafe
Cross has been sitting at the mesa, tabla closest to the exit for about 5 minutos now.
"Where is that idiot?"she sighs aloud drumming her black fingernails against the table. She looks at the clock and sighs again.
"Hey there toots,I'm here now." Bart stands siguiente to her in formal attire.
"Don't call me that. Why are tu late?"she gives him a dirty look.
"I was freshening up. Do tu know how hard it is to find a cheap tux in France?" he sits across from her. cruzar, cruz rolls her eyes annoyed por Bart.
"Where's Artemis and Wally?"she asks,and just then they come in.
"Right here."Wally...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Alex sat at her desk, humming quietly as she tapped the pencil on the notepad. "Where is my brother..?" She asked herself, tilting her head. The shorter layers of her hair fell from the ponytail, framing the blonde's face. "He's really tough to find.. But.. Where there's a riddle, there's a way..." She hummed out and stood up, sliding open her closet door. The blonde quickly changed in her usual hero suit, opening the window of her apartment. Alex paloma out of the window and spread her wings, closing her eyes at the breeze. She flew in silence until she landed at Arkham Asylum, tucking in the...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
The body fell through the air, lifeless, as if it were a weightless doll. The figure was shaded, giving no recognition to the Dreamer. The Dreamer had no idea where the body had fallen from, whether it was the sky, o merely a cliff. But, death was death, no matter the circumstance. The Dreamer could only watch in horror as the shadowed figure collided with the ground, the body recoiling.
Tobias sucked in air as his body jolted, causing the male to quickly sit up in bed, his camisa, camiseta wet with sweat. "Another vision.." He dicho shakily and carefully climbed out of his comfortable bed. He trudged...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Her hands were placed gently on the sewing machine as she pushed the fabric into the needle. The needle punched the cloth creating a straight and decorative line of thread.
The naranja light from the sewing machine was the only brightness in her room and its chugging noise the only sound heard.
Soon the chugging stop she grabbed the scissors and clipped the extra thread. She smile, it was finished and it looked amazing. Her gazing soon led her to the clock which only startled her.
She jump up, "Crap it's that later...I have to go!"

The zeta tube announced Jaivus name, he walked in but stood in...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Alexandria (Alex) Douglas-Michels
Alias: Nudge
Age: 18
Occupation: Hero
Appearance: Alex has natural blonde hair and blue hair, standing at 5'8 she has snow white wings with small brown freckles. While they aren't nearly as big as Fang's, they are 13 ft across. Alex is always found is some sort of leggings o skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie. The blonde has always been insecure of her wings and keeps them well hidden to produce the image that she is "normal".
Powers/skills: As mentioned above, Alex has white wings and they are used for flight. She is also an expert hacker with the ability...
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posted by SilverWings13
She checked on her children first. Always them first. The dim light of the dawn washed a soft glow into the nursery. The warm aura enveloped the 10 mes old twins in their side-by-side cream colored cribs. Amara and Kai remained fast asleep, undisturbed. Of course they were. Even if a rough wind jiggled a locked window, the 3-inch steel shutters would drop into place. No doors from the outside could be opened, unless the retina and bio scanners measuring multiple signature recognized the individual trying to enter the house. There was no getting in without permission. ángel was not the one...
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posted by khanna266
 The group symbol
The group symbol
hola I'm going to go on ahead and explain the Aries Army now. Enjoyyyyyyyy!

Group Name:Aries Army
Main Members: Akito Rem,Rika Wade,Alek Wade,Kuro Do,MaryJade Thompson, and Mick DiCaprio
Group symbol: The symbol for Aries

Members physical features:

Akito Rem:Tall,average bodytype,pale,black scruffy hair,and gray eyes

Rika Wade:tall,skinny,peachy skin,light red chair,and green eyes

Alek Wade:tall,muscular,peachy skin,Dark red hair,and green eyes

Kuro Do:tall,muscular,pale,blue eyes,and dark blue hair

MaryJade Thompson:short,curvy,ash blonde hair and blue-brown eyes

Mick DiCaprio: average height,muscular,peach...
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posted by SilverWings13
 misceláneo foxy!
random foxy!
Creature: Kitsune

Origin: japón ("kitsune" means "fox" in Japanese)

Type: mythical

Lifespan: immortal (technically)

Weaknesses: icy weather o water saps their energy, high metabolisms (meaning they must consume más comida than most humans to stay healthy)

Strength is drawn from: other kitsune, heat, red meat (so... not really vegetarians)

Common traits: quick tempers (especially when around other kitsune), glowing irises at certain times

Summary: First documentation of a kitsune was in the 4th century A.D. as creature of myth in Japan. Full blooded kitsune have the ability to shape-shift into any...
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posted by khanna266
hola everybody I thought I should write something funny so here goes nothing.

11:00 Am in the woods

"*yawn**howls* Ooh does it feel good to wake up late!"Minion smiled"Time to do something fun!"
He then walked out of the woods into the local park.There were tons of kids playing on the playground and a muscular shirtless guy playing Frisbee with his dog."Hmm"Minion's ears perked up.He then started to walk on all fours,then he was running like a dog and leaped up into the air doing a back-flip grabbing the Frisbee with his mouth."Arf!" he dropped it wagging his butt.The children on the playground...
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posted by khanna266
Saturday 6:30 am Ari and Jaime's apt.
It's already been two months since Paul was born and Ari was ready for another busy day.
"Morning"Ari walked into the cocina with a stack of papers between her arm and her side.
"Morning amour."Jaime kissed her on the cheek while frying some eggs.
"Really babe?"Ari frowned
"What?"Jaime looked confused
"You know I'm a vegetarian"
"Huh? Oh these are for me."
"Where's my food?"
"Right here"he was holding a plate of gofres and some fruits.
"Thank tu baby"Ari smiled and sat down.
Their baby was sitting at the end of the mesa, tabla sitting in a high chair,and Ari Sat her...
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posted by DiscordYJ
((Idk what I'm doing, but I'm doing something and I'm going with it.))


The word was a shotgun blast to a stained glass window that stood tall above the ceremonial hymnals sang below. It was as if the shards rained down and stuck into those holy notes pinning to them to ground like a crucifixion. But here not even God could save them. No power was strong enough to wipe away the blood, sweat, tears, and death that clung to them like the plague--festering and leaking with pain and suffering, hoping to be coddled por the affection of someone that would only be killed hours later. Nothing could...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Amal's Lamp (her necklace)
Amal's Lamp (her necklace)
Hey. I know. "Oh great. Another one!" Well...I have plans for them all so I want to introduce this one to you.

Name: Raja Owens
Alias: Amal (“hope; aspiration”)
Powers: Ultimate Cosmic Powers
Occupation: Genie
Weakness/Limits: Can only use powers when summoned o wished upon.
History: Amal was created out of hope in the ancient times. She lived for years on end till her physical body was unable to carry her and was dissolved in chaos. Since then she has been embodied into multiple bodies every century. She chooses a different name each time, something close to her own. Amal takes on different...
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posted by godmor
( yes the título is a play of words on the saing, Don't poke the bear.)

The Shepard house 20:00 (8:00 pm).
Twan stood infrond of the frond door, about to pull his keys from his pocet when he heard a group of people running his direction. He tryd to turn around and look who it were.
But as he turn he felt a sharp pain in his back, unable to tun in time the group came closer, as they reached him he felt the same pian al over his back, he recognized it as the feeling of knives plummeting in his back, he tried to ficht them of, he drew his pistol and fired a few shots, He felt his legs becoming weaker,...
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posted by godmor
( This is the first of a series of Bio's aimt to explian, companion caraters thad play a part in storys i write, and who therwise micht not get thad explanation.
Beceas they are companion and not full blown OC's, these Bio's micht be sorther than normal.)


Full Name: Boris Ivanof
Nickname: None
Reason for nickname:
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg
Birthday: 15.3.1982
Currently living in: Gotham
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Cacasian
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Bodyguard, Criminal.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Social Status: Higer midelclass.
Relationship Status: Singel
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