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Source: Miss Martian & Kid Flash
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
Just a little heads up, this story takes place between season one and season two.

The día started out the same as all the others. Connor was sitting on the sofá watching TV, although for once it wasn’t static, M’gann was trying out a new cookie recipe, Kaldur was curled up on the recliner with a book, Wally and Artemis were snuggling on the opposite side of the sofá and Dick and I were sitting on the other side of the sofá watching the news. All the sudden the words “Breaking News” flashed on the televisión screen. Everyone leant adelante, hacia adelante as if it would help them hear the news to...
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posted by ecoelo
It was 8:00 sharp and the whole JL and YJ were crowded around Artemis's room. Even Bats was there to see the action. Robin held a glass against his ear and the door.
"I haven't heard anything since tu guys came" he replied glancing at the league.
"Me neither" Conner replied using his super hearing. Supey nodded in agreement. Barry stepped up.
"Why don't Supey and Conner use x-ray vison and-"
"No!" Supey and Conner shouted at the same time. "I'm not invading my teammate's personal space" Conner crossed his arms while Supey glared at Barry.
"Let's wait until they come out. I could get my camera I...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Right where tu want me

The whole team was hanging out in the mountain. Bored. Miss Martian was slowly flipping through her cook book in the kitchen. Artemis was making arrows in the corner of the room on the floor. She sighed when she looked at the giant pile she had and continued. Robin was at the sofá watching the T.V and clicking buttons on his laptop glancing at pictures of criminals, who were already in jail. Aqualad was half asleep, flipping through channels. And Conner was just sitting, still with eyes on the T.V, asking constantly for Aqualad to go back to another channel.
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posted by Obscurity98
Name: Kyle Preinceton-Wayne
Age:16 1/2
Powers: can manipulate time and chage the things around him to fit what he chooses. Can make things disapear at will, and bring them back.


Abandoned por his parents, Kyle never knew his real parents, and none of his anscestry. Bored to death with his family life, at age 10, Kyle used his Foster families computer an money, to trace back to his real family. And traced himself to the Wayne family. After this revelation, Kyle left his inicial and traveled to gotham to tell Mr. Wayne he was...
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robinluv14: Hi guys! Welcome to the randomness that is me, rachele_x, and our OC’s! We throughly hope tu enjoy the little chat that we had. IF tu find stuff in double parenthesis (()) that’s me noting some stuff. there are some spoilers for new oc’s and new one shots and some refrences to a certain OC, names will not be mentioned... until that point in the chat. We hope tu enjoy... wait... i dicho that... Oh. yeah, u get to see fin cussing... a lot... she’s... a cusser... when she’s not around fanpop... yeah... I ramble. this was a really long authors note... ONE más thING. these...
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SuperBoy sat on the couch, steamed while M'gann sat in her room crying. They just had a fight. Kaldur sat on a taburete on the island. Watching SuperBoy put his head in his hands. Kadlur was not much one to socialize especially after the topo In The Team fiasco. But SuperBoy looked very much out of sorts, even for the usual. Kaldur didnt want to pry but he did want to help.
He walked over to SuperBoy, slightly unsure on what to say when he reached him. He sat on the sofá and glanced over To Conner, "Is everything alright?" Uneasiness in his voice. SuperBoy only looked the other way. Kaldur was...
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It was an average evening at Mount Justice. Megan was baking, Artemis and Wally arguing, Super Boy watching static, Scatty and Aqualad talking about warrior methods and how they have changed over time (ugh, boring) while me and Robin played a game of War.
“One…two…three…flip!” I said, flipping over my card. We both had kings. We set up three cards, leaving the two kings in the middle. I looked at the card I was facing with. A 3 of diamonds.
“One…two…three…flip!” Robin called. Just before we flipped our cards, the power went out. I smirked and switched my card, taking a King....
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posted by emilypenguin55
*fangirl momment* okay this is the first part of the first episode of the fan fiction i was challenged to write por Robin_Love. i was challenged to write about wally's epic failness. sorry if its kinda short, but ENJOOOOY! oh and i apologive before hand for misspellings and grammer errors.
Beep Beep Beep Beep, the alarm clock dicho in its usual monotone voice. “UUGGGH”, Wally groaned as he desperately tried to find the snooze button, in which he gave up on finding it so he just...
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posted by Mclovin_69
"YOU FOOL! How could tu let the poor girl cry!, cant tu tell she wants to get out of here!" Cheshire yelled while coming out of camoflauge and jumping out of a nearby tree. Wonderland Wally gave her a glare " I thought i made it clear i didnt want tu around here anymore" he dicho as he walked over to Cheshire arms length away. The two began to argue in unison until Artemis finally stopped her tears, and brought up the courage to ask" Why do tu two hate eachother in the first place?", Wonderland Wally and Cheshire both looked at her and sighed deeply," before the queen of hearts came to be...
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Me:Hello and welcome to my first articulo and it wount be the last i will defently write more...ok and due to request our first gest is Robin aka my boy friend!!!(lol)

Robin: hi, how are you? *sits down*

Me: oh fine *blushes* right...now preguntas for today is: what are all your costumes and which one is your favoite but why does one of them have no pants?

Robin: well haha that is a hard one well i have one's from the batman movies, the one from teen titans, the one from 'the batman' serice, the one from young justice of cource, one from the comics i think that one is the costume that has no pants...
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posted by Robin_Love
kiss of an Angel

She perched on the branch of the tree. Light glimpsed over her, the sun saying it's last good night. The moon rose steadily. As darkness fell, life seemed to arouse a bit in the little harbor town. But darkness concealed her. Dark, skin-tight clothes clung to her agile form. Two escrim sticks rested on her calves, held in place por their locks. A small hand gun just barely peaked out of her black boots. A bo staff was linked to her back, a thin but strong sword on her hip. Her face was covered, bright blue eyes revealed por the slit in her mask. Her rustic red trendels fell from...
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posted by SB_lover0506
"Have tu seen Artemis?" Wally asked Robin who was doing something that Wally could not follow even if he really tried.
"In her room. Why?" Robin dicho tapping on his keyboard.
"She estola my cell phone... again," Wally told Robin before running to her room.
"Artemis," Wally yelled pounding his fists on her door. "Give me my phone back!"
"Don't text about your hunger issues during class any more," Artemis yelled back as she clicked on his contacts icon.
"Please Artemis. I promise that I won't anymore," he yelled back.
"How do I know tu will keep your word?" Artemis tested him. "And who is 'He's a...
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At lunch time:
'Hey Dick'. Artemis called as soon as she saw him.'Hello Artemis , have tu seen Crystal?'. He asked.

'Not a chance, infact i've been searching for her myself'. Artemis said. 'Hello Guys, sorry i was late'. Crystal dicho rushing towards them.'What took tu so long?' Dick asked.'Well, I was called por the teacher and i got this role of Juliet '. Crystal replied.

'Cool'.Artemis exclaimed. 'What how can tu say its cool, i can't believe tu there were no auditions and i got the role,its unfair'.Crystal said.'But tu can do it perfectly'. Dick suggested.

'Yeah, when I are'nt surrounded...
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posted by SB_lover0506
So I was listening to my ipod and thought what if the team members went through an event that realted to a certain song and thus this was born.

Grenade por Bruno Mars

The night was cold and dark as the two teens stood there on a roof parte superior, arriba waiting.
"I am so bored. Oh, I know let's do something fun besides sitting here," Wally annoyingly dicho for the hundredth time.
"Wally we're here to sit put and wait for anything suspicious. That means no playing games," Artemis glared at her teammate.
*Sigh* "Fine give me some binoculars." Artemis handed him the segundo pare as she looked through her own.
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Robin fiddled with the flashlight as it ran out of battery again.
"Any spare?" he asked. Roy handed him two batteries.
"You carry batteries around?" Wally asked preventing from giggling. Roy ignored him. As Robin fixed the flashlight they continued walking. They reached a dead end with a big wooden door.
"Do we go in?" Wally asked.
"Just get it over with!" Conner roared his hands covering his ears. Roy nodded and pushed open the door. A scratching, squeaking noise moaned the teenagers. Red colores swirled inside. They headed in the red room.

"They're taking too long!" Megan squealed looking at Kaldur....
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