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well... we'll see what tu guys think about this one... Its different...Damien's POV.. Oh and this is for J_B.. Hope it makes tu feel better hon.. and im NOT forgetting all tu others! lol. i want to thank ALLLLLLL of tu for your support!!

Chapter Twenty Six
    Damien stood in the yard, easily relaxed. This was not going to be a big deal. He just had to hurt the Vamp enough to let him know he could kill him.
Damien frowned. He wished he could kill him, but that would be like killing a Prince getting ready to take over the throne. The whole World...
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hmm... well this wasnt very long.. I know, i KNOW.. its been FOREVER since i've written this.. and this wasnt a very good chapter.. but for those of tu who like this story, i hope tu guys like it, because i DONT...>:(

Chapter Fourteen

    Kassie slowly opened her eyes as the rising sun reflected off of the water, bouncing into her eyes. Her eyes burned from crying the night before. She went to sit up slowly only to find something wrapped around her waist. She looked down slowly, shocked to see a tanned, muscled arm anchored firmly around her. Again. Her eyes followed...
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Chapter Twenty Four

    Aden’s full lips pulled up into a smile, but it wasn’t nice. Scorn dripped off every word when his mouth opened again.
“ Glory, let me introduce tu to our Uncle Nicolas.”
“ Uncle.” Glory repeated, still not believing her ears.
“ tu never told her?” Nicolas’s laughter bounced off the walls of the darkened hallway. His hawk like face looked thrilled.
A growl shuddered out of Lupe’s lobo form and she edged closer. Glory, shocked as she was, didn’t miss the way Gabriel looked back at Lupe quickly, concern etching into his beautiful...
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Well this one definetly isnt the best. I'll call tonight my off night..lol. siguiente one will be better, i PROMISE... Hope tu enjoy anyway!

Chapter Twenty Three

    Glory glanced around, and straightened her shirt. Aden was coming. That was clear. How she was going to explain her impromptu kiss with Damien, she didn’t know.
“ What’s going on, Glory?” Damien asked, watching her as she paced the room. Glory tried to ignore how she felt warm and tingly whenever he looked at her. This was not good. Not good at all.
Glory wrung her hands together and turned around, pacing...
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This was supposed to be publicado last night, but my internet wasnt working... :( so! here it is now! Please rate and comment! :)

Chapter Twenty Two

“ I cant believe it. You’re in despicable!” Glory hissed and wished she wasn’t as weak as she was. She would like nothing better than to wipe that smug expression off Joel’s face herself.
“ tu have to admit it was a good ruse.” Joel grinned arrogantly and lowered himself into one of the chairs. Glory didn’t miss how Damien watched him warily.
“ It wasn’t a good ruse! It was horrible! The Montez’s trusted you! And in return, you’ve...
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Wow. I dont even know where this came from. If tu havent read my amor at First Sight Fanfic, tu need to read it, because this is a continuation of that. I thought i was done with it, but apparently not. Hope tu guys like this as much as the Original one... But im not promising about continueing it. Im just seeing how it goes. So PLEASE, tell me what tu think!!

Forever and For Always

I grinned as Alice plumped my hair again. She just wouldn’t give up until I looked perfect.
“ Alice, its not going to look perfect! I’m not a vampire like you.” I laughed at her stubborn expression.
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here's for tu J_B! hope it makes tu happy.. :) and sorry, this one is a little bit long guys, and it STILL didnt really end how i wanted it to..but enjoy anyway! :)

Chapter Twenty

Glory tried to look around Damien as he bundled her out of the car.
“Where is here exactly?” She asked again.
“ I thought I told tu not to worry about that.” Damien grinned at her and gripped her arm, steering her toward the large building. Glory grimaced at the sight of the dingy looking place.
“Sure is some place of luxury. I thought such powerful people would have a better place.” Glory probed sarcastically....
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'b]wow...its been so long since i have written this...Hopfully tu like, if not, oh well.[/b]

Chapter Thirteen

    Kassie stared up at the ceiling, sleep evading her yet again.
The cabina door creaked open and Anysa estola inside.
“ Kassie? Are tu still awake?” she whispered and lowered herself onto Kassie’s cama gently.
“Yeah.” Kassie replied after a moment of debating whether she should answer o not.
Anysa laid down beside Kassie, her red hair standing out even in the dark.
“ Kyan is amazing, Kassie. I have never met a guy like him before!” Anysa murmured excitedly....
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Chapter Four

    Gracie popped the tap of a can of Sprite and settled back on her perca against the shop’s counter. Nate’s long legs peeked out from underneath his Jeep.
“ Hand me that wrench, please.” he called. Gracie absentmindedly plunked the wrench in his hand.
“ Ouch.” Nate yelped.
“ Sorry.” Gracie apologized.
“ What’s wrong, Grace?” Nate’s face emerged from under the Jeep, dirt smudges looking adorable on his face. Gracie grinned at the sight of him, then sobered at what he had said.
“ Nothing really. Just nervous about the mostrar I guess.” She...
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Chapter One

People think that being beautiful will make their lives better. They think that one día they will wake up and Poof! Things will be perfect. But that’s not the case. Not everyone likes tu for it. It doesn’t make tu a más populate person. Girls hate tu for it. The ones who claim to be your friends, aren’t. They just want to be associated with your face. Inside, they are still jealous and still wonder why they couldn’t have looked like you. And the boys, well, they just want tu for your body. Not once have I ever had a boy tell me I was nice. Never have they told me,...
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Chapter Nineteen

“How are tu holding up, sweetheart?” Damien turned do he could see her from the drivers seat. Glory’s hand drifted up to touch her cheek, feeling the now scabbed over scratch.
“ How do tu think I’m doing?” She snapped.
“ I’ll take that as a good.” He chuckled as he glanced in the rear view mirror to check if anyone was behind them.
“ Do tu think tu could tell him to lay down o something?” Glory glared at Collin, still in Tiger form, sitting on the asiento siguiente to her.
Damien’s laugh echoed around the car.
“ Collin, tu better shift in case we do get...
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Brace yourself... this is a long one guys! SORRY! but im getting it where i want it to be!!

Chapter Three

    Gracie slammed her locker shut with enough force to knock the muro down.
“ Do tu smell that? I think I smell horse.”
A group behind her twittered in laughter. Gracie whirled around. Just like she had expected, Tirzah and her crowd of followers stood there.
“ What do tu want?” Gracie snapped. Tirzah’s heavily made up blue eyes narrowed and she stalked a few steps closer.
“ Deylin told us about your little granero your family runs. And how much tu suck at...
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Luv this band they r the GREATEST.!!!=) Listen plss and comentario if u like.!! :D
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