Wolverine and the xmen Rogue-hime ?

magicZ101 posted on Jul 16, 2012 at 01:34AM
Yeah, Yeah, I know Rogue is not like Princess Peach unless if u draw her wearing a preppy pink dress, have her get a unusual hairstyle like Peach , or something that kinda looks like that or get this Rogue gets kidnapped by Quicksilver like every once a week or every day and gets saved Wolverine. Now if that happens everyone is gonna get lost and be like " What da heck just happen ?! " But thank god it's not gonna and never ever will it happen again because A : We have one game that's like getting kidnapped evey day and saving the Princess Peach which is The Super Mario Bros. series now I don't mind if u make a video, fanfic, or art about that which I have done just fanart about it and it's ok if u kinda like it, but still just imagine that is all I could say. So I do not own the Mario and Wolverine and the X-men characters.
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