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SouthParkSmart posted on Mar 15, 2010 at 10:17PM
Do you have a favorite bird? You can have more than one if it's too hard to choose :-)

My favorite is the Eastern Bluebird.

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hace más de un año wormadam19 said…
My favorite bird is either the Common Kestrel, the Northern Lapwing, the Eastern Screech Owl, or the Phainopepla:)
hace más de un año spyro567 said…
mine is sparrows and swallows
hace más de un año 12NatureLvr30 said…
I love all birds the same. God designed each living specie of bird perfectly and beautifully. But the ones that live near me fascinate me the most. Turkey and Black Vultures are beneficial to the Earth; I love them so much. I also adore woodpeckers; I love the rhythm of the drumming they make on the trees, foraging for grubs and insects it's bill can grasp. The bird I most revere and respect around my neighborhood are the hawks. They are so beautiful....whenever I go on my daily walk in the woods after school everyday, I see a red-shouldered hawk (most of the time). I cry so hard when I hear it's amazing screams and calls. I delight in the beauty of the hawk's indescribable diving speeds, graceful circling, and gliding. We should cherish all of Nature's birds, and respect each and every one of them at all costs :) God Bless You,
*I want to be a zoologist when I grow up; traveling to different places and taking pictures of Nature's animals, insects, and birds is what I live for (besides God) :)
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