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posted by DevilsWrath
It was a sunny afternoon in the land of the wolves. I carefully examined the ground and noticed some elk tracks. Three weeks till I ate last. How much tracking before I can eat again. It wasn't like this before. I remember back when I could have whatever I needed.

~Flashes Back~

"Sir your comida is ready. Is there anything else tu require?" Asks a very young servant boy of what looked to be fifteen. I shake my head and open the dish pleased with what I saw. It was my favorito! casserole.

"Not that I can think of, please do be gone so I can eat in peace." I say waving away the boy before I begin...
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películas de terror
the wolfman
my lista of the best vampire and werewolf cine (remember my opinion)
warning sexual referencing and course language

some legends say that hombres lobo are solitary creatures.. and that's just dumb.

other legends say that hombres lobo run in packs, gathering at the full moon to hunt down those foolish enough to go around at night.

not likely. werewolf packs exist-we have to organize to stay secret-but we never meet in lobo form.

any meeting of two o más lobos is two steps away from a brawl (and one from an orgy). and it doesn't take much for a werewolf to say"hell with it", shut down the human mind and let the lobo take over.

our only exception is the howl when we...
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posted by sickla
it happened when i didnt expect it. it all started one beatiful night. the milky way was clear and i was estrella gazing. then a fairy thing showed up and said: now that the first one has died it is time i must curse one just as kind. tu shall begin a life of horrors at the time of an attack on the moors. 12 o,clock midnight the siguiente full moon, it shall come. dont try to run theres no escape. she disapeared into thin air. i took this warning with fear because i knew what she was: a night fairy. she came to warn people of horrors that that would happen. i had to figure out what it was o it would...
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