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Source: Matrix movie
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Prince Schneizel is a character from Code Geass. He's 1 of the main villains. He's 1 of the most popular Code Geass villains which he deserves.

Here's some info about Schneizel:

Main Enemy: Lelouch

Allies: Kanon, Cornelia, Euphemia

Schneizel is a charming prince. He and Lelouch have the same dad, but different moms. Schneizel acts friendly to the other characters, but he's a dangerous guy. Although the characters act like King Charles is the main villain Schneizel can be considered the real villain of the show. He got along well with his family not counting Lelouch.

He's a really good villain....
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cinder fall
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No 10. He's cold, hard, and manipulative. He manipulates around 12 different people in order to achieve one goal, wich, might I add, is to cause enough greif to Elise that she would cry, realease Iblis, wich wouls allow Mephiles to become Solaris, and destroy the world. For revenge? No. For power? No. He just wanted to because he craves destruction. Pretty evil if tu ask me!

No 9. Even the other villains want him! Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik was trying to get Shadow the Hedgehog to capture Mephiles for him! Probably so that he could aprovechar, arnés his awesome power for his own uses...

No 8. He is the...
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My tribute to Yubel.
yu-gi-oh! gx
My tribute to The Legion of Doom.
legion of doom
estrella sapphire
vandal savage
mirror master
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My tribute to Zira.
the lion guard
el rey león
My tribute to Doctor Doom.
doctor doom
fantastic four
The Avengers-Los Vengadores
I tend to like fictional villains. Although I almost always root for the heroes the villains often steal the mostrar por being very cool, entertaining and goofy. This lista is about the coolest and most entertaining female villains from shows and films.

5. Baby Doll (Batman: The Animated Series)

Most of Batman's female antagonists lack the corny charm of villains like the Joker and the Penguin. However Baby Doll doesn't have that problem. She is sympathetic, unique, and entertaining. She may not be very threatening, but she is 1 of Batman's best guest villains. She was so good in her 2 episodes...
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