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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: Knowitall123
Made by: Knowitall123
Enjoy and sorry about the bad grammar....

Why did our school have that? And why did the teachers mostrar us that?

„Children…these are weapons to kill vampires. “ The teacher told us.
„You will learn how to kill a vampire. But 1st tu will have to know each other more. Because It's forbidden to kill your team members!“ Another teacher explained.

„Why do we have to know that? “ Boris asked very confused.
„…Didn't tu say we are here just to make our powers stronger? “ Fester added.

„True! But, there aren't only good vampiros in this world....
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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: Knowitall123
Made by: Knowitall123
So here it is. After some days of waiting. Here is the 2nd Chapter of Vamp-Out. This time I hope the grammar if better. So enough of the talking. Enjoy the new chapter:

„I have to share a room with Demencia Varcolac. “ I dicho Confused.
„D-De-Demencia V-Varcolac.“ Luna asked shocked.
„Y-Yeah…“ I made fun of her, because of her stuttering
„Don't joke around. This is serious!!“ She got a bit angry.
„Sorry…Ok…What is with that D-Demenica? “ I made fun again. I couldn't stop.
„ALEX! “Luna yelled and Laura laughed.
„Ok. Ok. So what’s with her?” I asked.
„Well, she is...
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posted by nevenkastar
„Perfect! Just perfect. I like a boy who has a girlfriend. The school coudn't start better.“ Then I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a brown eyed boy. He had a cute little hairstyle. He had short brown hair. With some locks on his forehead. He looked like a little boy even tought he was taller then me. He sat near me and said:
„Hi! Don't worry she isn't his girlfriend. She wish she is but she isn't.“ He dicho with a nice little boy voice.
„W-What?“ I asked shocked about myself. How can I speak so loud so everybody can hear me.
„That boy, tu stared for 10 min....
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posted by nevenkastar
„I never heard of such a old family…besides…“
„Besides?“ I asked confused.
„Besides the Varcolac family.“ She dicho with a wierd look at her face.
„Who is the Varcolar family?“ I asked wondering.
„You don't know it? That's the oldest and powerful vampire family. But..“
„But..“I was so sick of it, why can't she tell what she mean faster.
„There was a rumor about a vampire that is even powerfuler then the Varcolar family. But they say that he/she is dead.“ She explained.
„Wow I didn't know….so cool.“ I smiled
„Can we become friends? I know it's a bit fast for...
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posted by nevenkastar
„Well…“ She dicho „I know…you are a vampire“ She whispered in my ear.
„What!!“ I yelled quite.
„Don't worry“ She smiled „I'm one too“
„You're what?“ I asked shocked.
„Yes, I'm a vampire. My name is Luna.“
„I'm Alexandra, but tu can call me Alex.“ I intoduced me. „So tu are really a vampire?“
„Yes, I'm going to the Vampire class in the Emily Priece High School.“
„Me too.“ I dicho happy.
„Really? I'm representing Japan. What about you?“ She asked curiously.
„I'm representing the UK.“ I dicho nervous.
„You ok?“ She asked worried.
„Yeah, It's just...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
This post will be a little different than past blogs, for today I have a ghost story for tu my devilish readers. Even better than that, it’s a story about a horrifying ghost ship, a ship that took the lives of many crew members – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Ivan Vasilli is the name of this ship, a Russian steamer to be exact. The ship was built in 1897 and was inicial to an insatiable murderous vampire-like ghost, but not until 5 years after the ship was built. It wasn’t until 1903 that the deaths began, the año the ship was used for warfare.

It began with strange occurrences;...
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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Here's The New Part...Enjoy <33

He came más near me and took some of my hair in his hand.
“Don’t touch me.” I dicho quite.
“Your hair smells like Chocolate.” He said.
“I said…..DON’T TOUCH ME!” I pushed him hard away from me so he fell against the wall. I never had those power before but they feel kind of very nice.
“I see….so tu have the power. That power who everyone want.” He got up.
“What are tu talking about?” I asked annoyed.
“Well…you see…you have the power that only few vampiros have.” He explained.
“I don’t know...
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Chapter 17:Sylvia Plath dicho "I desire the things that will destroy me." What do tu suppose she meant? At the time I was sure it was Alex that would destroy me and I was right. I guess it was the universes way of saying that living and dead don't mix, as if I didn't already know that. I wanted to deny the laws of the living but instead I became a pawn in a sick game. After I killed Alex it would be checkmate. I approached Alex's resident house, I did not knock, instead I broke the lock and walked in. The lights were off except for one which came from an office at the end of the hall. The door...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter two: Is it a dream o something else?

After Alucard blackout from having a vision he wakes up in his coffin with Aly beside him as her eyes were widen with concern and confusion "What happend?" Alucard asked "You black out I don't know how it happend but tu did" she respuestas Alucard tries getting up and finds a strange burned-like wound on his chest like if someone had taken a sword with holy water and stabbed him with it "No Master tu need rest I believe that's the problem is that tu been hunting too much" she says "I hope you're right maybe all those things my father put me through...
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posted by vampireempire
SPECIAL UPDATE: TODAY ONLY! tu may think us vampyres spend all night doing nothing but sipping the blood of the vine, but we enjoy a good rousing game of soccer too.

This is why we are excited to watch the World Cup in South Africa.

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Let the best team win!

posted by BURITOES
Chapter One-

As I lay there, almost dead, my best friend, Valerie ran down the very large spiral staircase. “Cam! Cam!” She exclaimed, running to me, almost tripping on the last step to the whirling staircase. “No,” I dicho low, and weak. “I don’t want it, I will be okay.” I said, again weakly, tossing my head back on the almohada I was resting on. “No, tu will drink it and live, not don’t drink it and say tu will be fine, then die…for good. Here” She held out a little vile of blood. I took it, though I didn’t want to, I did. I was dying, I had no choice. I drank and...
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posted by lauren777222
"Run,run forever soon,I'll be There!"A voice always ticked.I shot out of my sleep and lightly got out of my bed.With my fuzzy bunny slippers,I walked quietly out of my room,trying not to awake Violet.The air was cold and the first fall leaves had well-fallen.Ranging from colores from purple,gold,and red.The voice was Marîe.My best friend who turned Stirgoi at least three months ago.She was my only dreams.As if she were taking control of them.

My feet crunch as I walked through the lawn of School.I didn't know where to go-much less,who to go to.I walked as far as the school property strecthed...
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posted by omgpirate
Have tu guys seen this!? It's on Fangoria!


Vampire-Con 2009, the world’s first convention devoted to Vam-Pop culture swoops into Hollywood, CA for a weekend-long event, August 14 – 16. In association with Harris Publications, Vampire-Con will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sexy comic-book icono Vampirella ®.

The weekend kicks off with a Vampire Film Festival at The New Beverly Cinema on Friday, August 14th and Saturday, August 15th. The fest will feature celebrity guests, contests and a program of your favorito! vampire flicks both classic and new.

On Sunday, August 16th, Vampire-Con...
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posted by Fangirl99

ok,i messed to copy the article,buti did the link opps,its about a seires comin soon.

i have ot qwrite more,then tu can leave.




posted by ICEhanica
3rd part of story

“Brthy I think I know what is wrong whit you!
You are vampire!!!”

„What? Are u serious, o just craizy?“
„Srry, but that is true.“
„Ok,ok, well see…Vampires not exist!!!“

My BFF is gone from the room, and returned for 5 minutes. Has brought a book.

“Here read this!!!” say she to me.
“Why, what is that?”
“It’s book, book about vampires.”
“I don’t need it!!!”
“Yes tu need, here take it!!!”

I take the book and start to read aloud:

You become a vampire only if vampire bite you.
Then filling the severe headache, and thirst for blood.
If these biting...
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posted by jarik
Note: The following poem began life as a poem publicado to the reciente poesía contest. I've taken some librities with the original poem in order to create something tha will work for this spot. Anyway enjoy.

A stranger comes
Mesmerizing tu with his eyes

tu feel his bite
And pain that turns
Into ecstacy
Draining your old life from you

Your old life has died with you
And three nights later
tu are reborn
into a world of endless night

tu begin to feel a hunger
That cannot be ignored
And tu begin the hunt
For fresh blood

So begins the vicious cycle
Of death
And hunger
That is never ever
posted by twilight0girl
this mes is going to be terrible.
i live in barrow alaska.this is thier mes of complete,totall darkness.also,this is when the vampiros come out to feed on the helpless men,women,and children.but instead of shaking in pure fear,i'll go out and see how they act.but i'm also going out because my two brothers,isaac and marcus,are vampiros too.

4 days later

i've never walked around outside during this time of month.i can hear the screaming coming from every direction.i havent seen any va,pires nor my two brothers.when i started to walke away from...
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chapter 3: It was going to happen i just knew it, if i stayed any longer instinct would sink in and Alex would be dead in seconds. Alex picked his detective book off the ground and lifted his face so that his eyes locked with mine. i had to look away because he would see the red return to my eyes, my best option was to run away but after spending so much time with him i dreaded leaving while my vampire side was waiting for me to give in and kill him.
"are tu OK Christa? your looking a little pale" Alex asked. i couldn't help but smirk at the 'pale' remark seeing that i was a vampire.
"Ya um...
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Chapter 2

    I was hyperventilating as my ángel walked past me on to his first class. He walked into the door of Mr. Emmi’s class, which was also my first class. I learned that my ángeles name is Stefan . His sisters names were Colleen and Carmen. His brothers, Jacob and Leo.
    His voice was heavenly. Sweet and daring. He walked to the last empty desk. It was beside me. I moved my bolso, monedero from off the desktop and smiled at him politely. His answering smile made me hyperventilate again. I could have sworn I heard him chuckle.
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I must have made quite a sight with my cloths stained with mud and torn, my hair wet and full of mats. I had no clue how long id been out but it had to be at least a week because my body was weak and shaken from hunger. For vampiros when going a long time without blood we experience similar symptoms drug attics do when going through with drawl. I leaned against the door for support; my head was going foggy like I was going to pass out. The problem with being a vampire is that tu can’t pass out; you’re just stuck in a foggy state till your system gives out.
“You look horrible Fang, what...
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