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posted by vampiregrrl999
I bet many of tu are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most popular way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, tu suck). But if tu take a look throughout folklore, old customs and tradition throughout the world you’ll learn that there are loads of ways someone was believed to turn into a vampire. Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but hey, people believed anything back in the day.

Before Birth o Shortly After Birth

Born at certain times of the año (like a new moon o a holy day).
Born with red caul, with teeth, o with an extra nipple.
Born with a red...
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posted by Fangirl99
"no this cant be!" Vanessa shouted in anger."im not a vampire!Th-Th-thers got a be another explanation!"

"im sorry,vanessa,'Dr.Vamp siad,getting up from is chair."If tu dont believe me,you can always ask your mother."Dr.Vamp disappeared into the drakness,and Vanessa wet on her way.

When Vanessa got home,she went straight to her mother.

"mom,i need to talk to you."

"sure,sweetie,whats up?"

"well,i bit Susans arm today,and.."

"oh no!did tu get in trouble."

"no,i left before andy teachers are the principal saw.Then,when i was walking,i saw a sign saying if tu have strange behavior,visit Dr.Vamp"

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posted by renesmeeroxx11
Chapter 1: Something strange
“Did tu hear?”
“I can’t believe it!”
“I’m scared!”
That’s what everyone’s been hearing and saying for about the past month.
I’m margarita BTW, just your average 7th grade girl living in a not so average town.
I’m guessing tu wanna know what happened, well just read on!
It was a dark and stormy night, midnight….
Hahaha just kidding, here’s the real story.
It was a warm, but dark summer night. So Ms. Katie Banks decided to take a walk.
She should have thought it over.
In her backyard are some woods, and that’s where this...
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The breathtaking Carpathian Mountains are inicial to many old vampire stories, including today’s. Today you’ll learn about a case of supposedly real vampirism that was reported in the early 1900s, so get comfortable and prepare yourself for a tale of horrible death and fear.

June 10, 1909 was when the vampire of the Carpathian Mountains was first reported in the Neues Wiener Journal in Vienna. The articulo chronicled in detail how terrified villagers in a town in the mountains were suffering the loss of their children at an alarming rate. Many of the villages’ beloved children were dying at...
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Okay... I may get shunned from the human race for this, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

I think that the whole "Twilight" rage is an abomination to TRUE vampire fans.

It's like Dawson's Creek meets HBO latenight softcore porn. C'mon! vampiros are suppose to be old like in underworld o queen of the Damned. Even the original black and white Nosforatu was ingenius! What the hell is up with this crap now? Young teen hormonially stressed vampires? Please.

A true vampire is that old distinguished, but still errotic and sexy being that no woman can resist. Even the old female vampiros were hot as hell....
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posted by ICEhanica
4th part of story!!!

…“Sandara are tu vampire?”
“Yes, and I bite you!”

“What, why?”
“Cause I want tu live forever whit me.”
“OK, but we than can’t go in same school that all years!!!”
“I know. I already buy tickets for plain.”
“Where we go?”
“We go in SAD, there is school for vampires!”
“OK, than where are my parents?”
“Are tu don’t see message?”
“What message?”
“Message it’s on table, in the kitchen!”
“I go pack my things and call ma parents, then we can go!”
“I pack it all your things and tell your parents already.”
“At time...
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posted by lauren777222
"There he is,Ben Ivashkov,the one and Only!"I teased.He gave me one of his funny-guy glares and smoothed his fashionably messy hair.Marîe gave me one of those,"Aubrey,we need to talk"looks.I rose out of my asiento and Chase grab my wrist.His hands were warm and gentle.——————————————————————————----"Aubrey,stay,please."His voice had a little glint of love,warmth,and especially dedication.I stared into his eyes-Oh,those eyes,and hair-practically everything about him made my corazón ache."Chase,I'll be back in one second,tops." ———————————————————————————-As...
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posted by lauren777222
e-"Crap,this is Crap!"I knew this voice from anywhere.I spun around quicky on my heels.The face was one of my three best friends,Benjamin.As I saw his face,it colided with memorey of the past.His mid-height,muscular body,pale shoulder-length brown hair,light-hearted vibe,and celestial sky grey eyes.I knew this was a dream.Mostly because he was here and I was talking to him. ———————————————————————————Mostly because he was sent to jail a año ago.He was there because he was accussed of being a sexual predator.My other two best friends,Marîe...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter Two:Shadows Of My Destiny
One Morring, Rachel Stays Inside While Peter Was At Class, Rachel Sees a foto Of Him & His Family
She Smiles At The foto & Her Red Tears Starts To
Fall Out She Falls Down & Cries Because His Family
Reminded Her Of Her Family, She Feels Helpless &
Alone Without Anyone To amor Because She Is Dead,
Peter Came Back After Class & Sees Her Red Tears
On Her Cheeks & He Feels That She Is Not Human, Then He Sits Beside Her *What's Wrong?* He Asked In Concren, Her Red Hair Falls On The Left Side Of
Her Face *Don't Look At Me Peter* She dicho In Sad
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posted by IlovePatch97
its been a long wait but the segundo book has started. Please enjoy the premier of Killer to Lover book 2. Hope tu like it! :D

I had to find Alex; he was the only thing keeping me alive. I convinced myself that if I never found someone to fill my heart, patch up the holes id end everything. Instead I found Alex and I started remembering things I hadn’t before, I was sleeping and my wounds took longer to heal. I was becoming más and más human. The longer I was away from him the más monsters would emerge.

Chapter 1: One segundo I was pinned underneath Strygoi, the siguiente I was being dragged around...
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posted by slytherinangel
Believe it o not the first vampiros actually come from the bible.

Adam's first wife Lillith refused to be dominated por him so she left him and went to the red sea where the ángeles that were sent to collect her and the ángeles dicho she could stay but it would come with a price. She was to become a witch and the mother of all demons. Cain, who killed his brother went wandering and happened to come across Lillith who was now a beautiful demoness that seduced and drank the blood of men. She showed Cain the power of blood and together they were the first vampires. Their offspring carried on their...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter One:The Rescue & Romance
100 Years Ago, a Beautiful Young Girl Named Rachel
Was Murdered por Blood Countess, Blood Countess Let
The Body Rot Unitl Rachel Wakes Up Coughing, Then
a Painful Transformation Of a Vampire Takes Over,
She Begins Screaming In Pain, She Begins Killing
People Who Beat Her & Killed Men Who Raped Her, She Cant Beileve She Was Killing People Uncontrolble, She Cries & Have Depression, She's In a corazón Broken State That She Killed People She
Once Cared About, 100 Years Later, a Young College
Student Named Peter Was In His Dorm Room, He Hears
a Cry Of a Girl, He...
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After Dracula Sense Vanessa Cheated On Him, He Lay In His Coffen & Waited Unitl It Get Dark, Then
Roselyn Got Off Of Her cama & Walk Down The Stairs & Saw The Windows Are Darked por The Blinds, She Saw Her Mother Fixing Breakfast For Her, Roselyn
Sense Someone Has Been In Her inicial Before She Got
Here, *Mom Was Someone Here Last Night?* She Ask
Vanessa Bited Her Bottom Lip, *Honey Listin To Me*
She dicho When She Slowly Grab Roselyn's Hand She
Stare At Roselyn *Roselyn Your Father Is Alive* She Said, Roselyn Laughed Because She Throught Her Mother Was Joking Unitl She Stare At Her Eyes
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posted by LOLsweetsweet0
-Hawaii,Summer,May 10-
Roxxy didn't like sun,sun,sun all the time. It made her look awsome,but her amount of awsome-ness didn't need a skin-burning-follows- you-everywhere-un-nessasary-skylights.Meet Roxxy Qwick,an all atitude bad b**** that didn't like the serious stuff in life. Ironic,I know. tu should just SEE this chick. A pale skin Albino(move over Kristen Stewart)Mexican mix with one red eye,one green. Her hair was cut at the bottom edge of her ear and spiked perfectly with misceláneo red streaks of color. The boots she wore however,all different colores to mostrar her mood(but never to match...
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posted by sshannahmontana
Chapter 2 Part 3

Previously on the Vampire:imagine that
We spent the night por playing games,eating ad drinking and partying all night and we slept on the sofá and the boys slept on the floor.And when the siguiente morning. We were being scold and we don't know what to do?So we went to our homes.

Part 3

When we got to our homes,our parents were waiting for us and they were scolding us.I can't stand the scolding anymore so i phoned to Crystal,Danny and Jake and told them we would meet at a fancy restaurant.And we sneak out of our houses even though we are grounded so when we got there we made a conversation...
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posted by badcats10
This story i wrote and i finnished it i hav a segundo story going to go wiht it but its not finnished.

Ru Rule number

Hi my name is Laney Contrevez and I’m 16, I have golden brown hair, Chesnutt eyes, and a pale clean complexion. I go to Trezin High. I live with my mom; my dad left when I was just a kid. I am an only child and my moms name is Tina Contrevez. She works two jobs so I have to do all the chores. So you’re probably thinking wow you’re life sucks o it can’t get any worse than that. Well you’re wrong it gets worse, much, much worse. I bet tu are wondering why,...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
There’s a handful of vampiros throughout folklore, all different kinds of flavors and species. Some of these vampiros aren’t your classic cape wearing, coffin sleeping, crucifix fearing kinda vamps; there was a time when some parts of the world believed certain witches and sorcerers were vampires. There are a number of witchy vampire myths out there, but today we’ll focus on three: the chordewa, the obayifo and the jigarkhwar.

The chordewa: This is a favorito! myth of mine, it’s about a witch found among the Oraons, a tribe of Bengal. This witch can turn her soul into a black vampire...
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posted by Sammie_9301986
    Val chuckled, “Ahh. So go to see tu Spike. How have tu been?” I could tell the tone of his voice was a mix between angry and amusement.
    “I said, get away from her.” Spike paused then continued, “Why her? Why now?”
    “Because it hurts tu more.” was all Val said.
    And with that, I heard a gush of wind and I knew that Val was gone. Then I heard footsteps walking in my direction. And suddenly the ground was gone from underneath me and I was moving. Thats when he spoke, “Its going to be...
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 Sanguinarian Vampire
Sanguinarian Vampire
We have dipped down into the basics of Sanguinarian vampiros in past posts, and touched on how Sanguinarian vampiros are people who feel the compulsion o the need to feed on human blood. Generally, Sanguinarians don’t drain their donors completely and they usually only feel the need for a teaspoon o two at a time. Still, even a lack of this small amount can cause some Sanguinarians to go into blood withdrawal overdrive and even cause them to have some pretty serious physical withdrawal symptoms.

Donors for Sanguinarian vampiros are generally people that the vampire knows personally and has...
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posted by amethyst44
Kaila wasn’t bothered with either the vampire o Jordan for the rest of the day; the vampire wasn’t in any of her other classes, and Jordan refused to talk to her, his aura shimmering with a dense heat, warning her to back off. She wasn’t sure if he was angry about how he got threatened por a vampire, o just with the fact that there was a vampire in the school. Either way, Kaila understood, and kept as far away from him as possible.
    Kaila took the leisure walk inicial that day, letting the cool spring air wash over her face. She enjoyed the fact that with each step...
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