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After Vanessa Woke Up From a Nightmare Of Roselyn Killing Humans, hombres lobo & Vampires, She Left The House To Find John Thinking He'll Be The One
Who Can Prevent It, She Got Into Her Black Car &
Drive Away, She Went To The cabina Where John Lives
She Klocks The Repeatly, John Opens The Door & Sees Vanessa Crying & Look Afraid He Let Her In
*John I Think Dracula Will Do Some To Her* She dicho While Crying, *Calm Down Vanessa* He dicho When He Push Her Body Close To Him To Hug Her,
He Sees Her Bloody Tears Falling Out Of Her Eyes
*listin Maybe If She Stays With Me He Won't* He dicho When...
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posted by akira-utada
 Abby as a child
Abby as a child

I am nine years old and sitting in the snow on a sidewalk on the rough and tumble side of town. All I can think about is my stomach eating me alive underneath the thin t-shirt I estola from a department store, and the numb sensation in my fingertips.

I don't hear the footsteps as a middle aged man approaches me. I am unaware of him until he is right beside me. "Why aren't tu a little cutie?" he breathes in my ear. He reeks of alcohol. I wrinkle my nose and mover away, trying to ignore him. But, he pulls me back to him. "And where do tu think your going?" he snarls.

I try to wrench my...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter Three:Romance
*You'll Be seguro With Me* Peter dicho In a Concren
But Caring Voice, *Thank You* I dicho He Smiles At Me & I Smile Back, I Look Around His House & I See
a Beautiful Painting Of The Trees I Was Amazied By
His Talent At Art, *Hey Did tu Made These?* I Ask
*Yes I Did* He dicho In a Sweet Kind Voice, I Stare
At Him & dicho *They're Beautiful* *Thank You* He
Said In a Calm & Sweet Voice, Then I Found a Most
Beautiful Drawing Of Me *Wow It's Beautiful* I dicho In a Amazied Voice I Turn At Peter Then He
Smiles At Me & I Smile Back, I Fell Asleep In His
Guest Room, Unitl...
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posted by situ123
And while there are many stories of vampiros and vampire hunts all over europa and the Caribbean one of the best documented vampire stories ever occurred over about a año period in and around Dillsboro N.C. from 1788-1789.

In the spring of 1788 a family arrived in the then small mountain community of Dillsboro N.C. Their last name was Alfort and their were rumors that they were descended from royalty. They bought land down por the river and built what was then a very nice large colonial home. Mr Alfort opened up a doctors office and pharmacy in rooms in the front of the house and people were...
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posted by slytherinangel
Believe it o not the first vampiros actually come from the bible.

Adam's first wife Lillith refused to be dominated por him so she left him and went to the red sea where the ángeles that were sent to collect her and the ángeles dicho she could stay but it would come with a price. She was to become a witch and the mother of all demons. Cain, who killed his brother went wandering and happened to come across Lillith who was now a beautiful demoness that seduced and drank the blood of men. She showed Cain the power of blood and together they were the first vampires. Their offspring carried on their...
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vampiros are in these days. It's debatable whether they ever really went out-I mean, who hasn't at least gone through a phase where they were entranced por vampires? vampiros are sexy, strong, and forbidden-what could be más fascinating than that? And there are so many vampiros worlds to choose from now: Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Vladimir Tod, True Blood, Blue Blood, the camioneta, van Alen Legacy, Blood Ninja, Blood Coven, and even Buffy and The lost Boys, who never get old.

It's no wonder so many people want to play in those worlds por escritura fanfiction. Here are a few...
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posted by badcats10
I thank vampiros are real and i dont care what any on else says. People say its impossiable but what do they know. i bet they dont even leve there house anof to know whats on sale at the store.

I ama vampire lover and i believe there as real as the comida that goes into my stomech. I dont hav proof but i hav a strong feeling that they are real soon i am going to right an artical about mor reasons why i thank there real.
This is just how i feel. i dot know if any one else feels this way but i do big time

plz levve comentario if u aggre and i also changed the name
posted by Rockgrl
     My name is Aramantha. I am a sixteen año old vampire. I have shoulder length, blonde hair, a tall, flexible pixie-like body, blue eyes, and a crazy vampire family. I have an older brother, four older sisters and a mother. My oldest sister and brother are twins. My older brother is five minutos older than my sister. Their names are Lucine, and Alla. Then comes the triplets, Elvira, Aleera and Verona. My mother’s name is Nardia. We are the last of the Brax family and clan. We live in the small country town of Luckey, Ohio.

Ch.1- New House, New Town
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posted by Raven33
It is not just a fantasy.

The Temple of the Vampire is an international organization that can enable tu to acquire authentic power over others, build real wealth, achieve vibrant health, and even live beyond the usual human lifespan.

This is part of what it means to become a real Vampire.

Real vampiros are those who possess a special knowledge and power.
You can have this knowledge and gain this power.

Realize the hidden truths behind why people think and act as they do
and learn exactly how to control them.

Rise above the mindless rata race of having to work to make money
and employ our subtle...
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posted by Nevenka_Star
In A World That's Different From Ours, Live Creatures That The World Fears. They Live In The Dark For 100s Of Years, But Now You'll See Them In A Completely Different Way.

After Vamp-Out, Here Comes A New Generation Of Vampires, They're Different From The Others.

A Story With New Vampires, New Adventures, New Hate And New Love.

Vamp-Out The siguiente Generation... Coming Soon

Yeah tu Heard It...I'm Back...And Better Then Ever I Won't Quit I'm Stronger Now (And I Have A Better Grammar LoL). I'll Maybe Put The Parts Of Vamp-Out The 1st Version Too But Now I'll Write Vamp-Out The siguiente Generation. Hope You'll All Like It <333
posted by dimitrirocks
I woke up at seven forty-one in the morning. The sky was rosado, rosa and it was cold out.
I was going to have to wear a sweater. o I could just not go to school, I thought. I mean I was already running late so why not just skip school completely.
Then I remembered that right after school I had a “get-together” with Angela, Samantha, and Jessica to plan out the birthday party that I was so not looking adelante, hacia adelante to—my birthday party, I sighed.
    I was running late and I had no time. I flew down the stairs to eat my breakfast, the floorboards creaking in protest as I went down....
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Zombies have no real mythos o history. Most zombie stories are merely metaphors for issues that at the time can't be discussed head on due to the popular opinion of the time. George Romero's Living Dead cine are prime example of that. His cine really weren't about the living dead but más to do about messages concerning racism to consumerism. Only after the success of those movies, did zombies become popular in our culture and zombie cine were made just for the sake of making a zombie movie. But that means if such cine are based on these metaphor movies, then in a way they're echoing...
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posted by Angelcatz11
Damion stood infront of his pregnant Vampric Mother Jaccloni Stewards, She Winced. Her Amber Brown eyes turning into a dull grey, "Help me Damion" She cried weakly. Damion stood infront of his mother, He starred at her for a moment. A loud scream filled the room, A few moments of silence passed and the cry of a baby filled the room, Damion took the vampric child in his hands, He wrapped the baby up in a blanket. Then he turned to hand the new baby to his mother, But it did not happen, Because Jaccloni Stewards had died giving birth to a newborn Vampire who would soon change the world
posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Vampire Bite
I wonder innocently through these dark alleys,
fearing the dark shadows i feel are lurking behind me,
The smell of my flesh and blood rushes through the air,
ive ran for far too long,
Im now out of breath,
i need to rest,
i pause for a moment, finding myself standing directly infront of a brick wall,
how could this be? this wasent here before?
i could swear there was an alley was for me to walk,
i turn, but as i go to head back,
i see another muro blocking my path,
have i been trapped?
or is it that i have been captured,
Have these alleys been their bait?
these creatures of the night,
they stand...
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posted by Raziail
My name is Raziail , last of the pure blooded vampiros , I come forth now to clarify the truth and put rumors to rest once and for all. I was born in 1933 BC , my father and mother were the first vampire along with my mothers brother , Demius ... before i tell my tale I wanna put rumors to rest now , im the only vampire that can walk in daylight and not feel pain , half bloods can walk in día light but feel unimaginable pain , and those who are not born with pure blood can never walk in daylight less they take my blood , half bloods are those who were born with a pure blooded parent and a turned...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
If tu think about it, Twilight is the perfect way to decorate your navidad tree. Not only does it let tu bring your amor of the Cullens and Jacob Black into the holidays, but the chocolate browns, golds, and bronzes that are the color scheme for New Moon go perfectly with the navidad season. Here are some great tips to get your Twilight árbol up and sparkly! (Just like the Cullens!)

First of course, tu must have the perfect Twilight ornaments to hang off your beauty tree. There are tons of Twilight ornaments out there. Ebay, CafePress, and amazonas, amazon are all great places to look. The one I...
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posted by deedeeflower
I found this poem on the back of my Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir bottle.

But first on this earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from tomb be rent:

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Thy victims are they yet expire

Shall know the demon for the sire,

As cursing thee, thou cursing them,

Thy flores are withered on the stem.
posted by sshannahmontana
Chapter 1 Part 1

It was a early morning so I woke up and feel the sun rise.But while I awake,my mom shouted loudly from downstairs and dicho "breakfast is ready".So I brushed my teeth,changed my clothes and came downstairs.When I look at my breakfast,it wasn't my favorito! breakfast food.So I pushed away my plate and went upstairs.My dad noticed that my face was upset and he came upstairs to cheer me up.And when he got to my room he dicho "Sweet corazón why are tu so upset".Today is your birthday and why are tu upest.Then I realized that I totally forgot about my birthday.So I got up from my bed...
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posted by lauren777222
"M-M-Marie,what are doing here,Vampire Council has strict rules over Stirgoi returning to unfinish business."Her smile widen,exposing her teeth:some white,thanks to our amazing hygiene,and some stained red;apparently Marie was waking up for MidNights snacks."Since when do I abide the rules?"Her voice made the sound of a bully mocking a terrified nerd."When tu were- YOU!"I couldn't look at her eyes,they were so red,full of hate and the desire for blood."Stirgoi go por their own drift,my Ms.Perfect look can wear away now."Her eyes scanned my face,my features,by her thick look,I would've thought...
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posted by badcats10
I don’t take no for an answer P.s this is a story im working on so plzzzzz tell me what tu think
Chapter 1
It was Friday, a sunny día for all of Los Angeles except for Winter, Los Angeles’ only Goth. Winter hated sunny days with the loud honking of horns of people trying to get to work o the laughing screams of kids as they play outside of her house. But she hated to día the most because as her alarm went off it marked the first día of school. As Winter looked for her clock in her dark room the only light other than the light of her lava lamp and a streak of light that managed to seep...
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