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Well what can i say?
The underworld series...at first, i must admit i was a little sceptical, i mean come on, the vampire/werewolf thing has been done so many times now however, this series of at present 4 cine is in my opinion, head & shoulders above the rest!!
For the men, Kate Beckinsale running around biting peoples necks dressed in a black skin tight suit is enough to make me pass out!!
For the girls, well, you're spoilt for choice...Scott Speedman as the hybrid Michael, Michael Sheen as the Lycan boss Lucian!!!
ALL 4 cine are parte superior, arriba of their class with flawless acting, 2nd to none special make up & visual effects, excellent casting, costumes, excellent story lines, what más could tu ask for?

LEN WISEMAN who's a genius in my opinion needs a medal for these movies, though it does not suprise me, the same skills he gave us in THE MATRIX clearly shine through so please guys...don't stop now!