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Chapter 15: Jacobs point of view: My gravity.
I will be switching back to renesmee's after this one (:

I lay there in wreathing pain, But not the fast healing broken bones nor the cuts hurt as much of the thought that Renesmee, my Nessie wasn't safe.

"Calm done, bro" I heard seth say after my ranting, through short breaths, on where Renesmee is.

"Calm..?" My hands balled up in fists, Seth imeditly recoiled," Your asking me to calm down seth?" I said, the acid in the words burned on my tounge.

"I promise she is safe, i drove her inicial myself." He said, hands raised. although the confiedence in his...
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Chapter 13: And so we wait..

This chapter is a little short, due to a large school workload.

Jacob sat beside me on the couch. I had noticed that he didn't enjoy the room that much either. I decided i should change out of my clothing, might as well be comfortable. I squeezed Jacobs hand lightly;

"I'll be right back" I stood up. He urgently looked up at me and then lightly pulled me back down beside him.

"No, your staying here. Im not risking anything, not this time." I looked at him, I could tell he was never going to let that night go. The night alex took me, I shuddered at the memory. Jacob...
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these are things emmett cullen should never do no offense to emmett fans
1. dress as campanita and run through the house saying hes a pixie like alice
2. pretend hes a striper and strip for edward on hes piano
3. take alices porche for a joy ride
4.go to school and yell that jasper thinks he is his boyfriend
5. emmett is never allowed to run through the hospital yelling DADDY!
6. emmett is never allowed to tell alice rosado, rosa is not her color
7. emmett is never allowed to drive a school bus
8. o drive the bus into a lake
9. emmett is never allowed to tell esma that he will go find a new "fake" mom
10. emmett is never allowed to tell jasper texans are hicks
thanks for lectura my articulo please leave an comentario
Bella’s POV

“I can’t believe Tech won” I dicho while jumping up from the couch.
“Hey Bella since when do tu watch basketball” Emmett asked me amused
“I have no idea, it just happened, now excuse me, an old friend is going to call” I dicho back to Emmett when suddenly Edward stood in front of me.
“Can we talk” he asked me calm
“Later I ...” but I was interrupted por my cell phone. “Sorry” I dicho to him while picking up my phone leaving the room and walking into the bedroom.
“Hey darling” I dicho amused
“Hey Bells, where are you. I’m waiting at your house but nobody’s...
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