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 breaking dawn :))
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This Serie Crepúsculo foto contains piel, tono de piel, color carne, desnudez parcial, desnudez implícita, skintone, color desnudo, nude color, and parcial desnudez. There might also be neonate, newborn, newborn infant, newborn baby, and leche.

hola :)
That's me...Chloe Stones...
Yes the one and only pop and sational singer!
Well i'm giving all that up.
Because i never wanted it...i wanted to be me and what i'm best at.
And it is not singing!
It's surfing!
And hanging with my bro's.
I'm moving to La push, Washington so i can start a new life.
Be free....yes my mom is very sad...i chose moving to a small damp place then my mother.
So i will be staying with my Uncle sam.
He's my mother's brother and her maiden last name is Uley but she got it changed once she got married to my dad. And that's how i have the last name stone.
Your probably wondering where's my dad in all this...well he got in a car accident and died.
I cried but i had to deal with it.
I cry every night but never in front of people.
I never cry in front of people.
Well i guess that's it....bye :)
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they looked at me like i was saying something that they didnt understand. i felt bad, but i didnt know why. maybe my father was right that me and jake will never be together. but maybe i would be better off being just friends. i still didnt understand what amor really feels thats what hurts me. my parents felt amor in high school too but still.
"you guys okay?" i asked them. i was worried, because they froze.
"you guys!!!" i shouted. and this time they unfroze.
"what?" they asked at the same time.
"so do tu guys want to hang out?" i asked them.
"not with him" jake said.
"jake tu chose be friends...
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How much alike do the twilight enamorados think?

Whatever u choose, give the reson too.

Do tu amor twilight? Why?

Why do u think others hate twilight?

Who is ur fav char in twilight?

Do u like bella swan?

Do u think she spoils the story?

How much % do u like edward?

Is edward wrong in some aspects?

Will u marry edward?

Do u want 2 become a vampire?

Will u change ur parents if u become a vampire?

Would u opt for jake/edward?

Do like rose o alice?

Emmet o jasper?

Carlisle o esme?

Renee o charlie?

Do u think charlie was a good father?

Who’s your fav couple other than ed&be? Why?

Will u registrarse the volturi? Why?...
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posted by lollipopszx3
I only put it here because I wanted people to know about it... Any other chapter on

Hell on Earth


The moment I stepped into the classroom I knew it was going to be hell.

"Ms. Swan!" dicho a voice I've hated since I was 18. "Cullen! What the hell are tu doing here?" I screamed. There standing there was Edward Cullen. Once my love, my life, my everything now my worst enemy.

"Ms. Swan! That language won't be tollerated in my class!" He smirked. I ran out the door.

This can not be happening! I can not be student-teaching Edward's class! We freaking hate each...
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posted by surfergal
The siguiente morning I woke up and it was a school day. I knew I couldnt miss another día of school just to avoid Michael. I hadnt talked to him o seen him since well tu know. I know I can't live in my bedroom for my whole life. I got up and got ready for school. The hot ducha, ducha de felt so great. I stayed in there way to long cause when I got out I was running late to school. Lucky me Alice saw that I was running late so she pick an outfit out for me. She pick out some jeans and a cute blue camisa, camiseta and some heels but I knew I was going to fall in them, oh but they were so cute I wore them anyways....
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posted by Edward_lover101
I walked down the stairs to where Edward was. Edward stopped playing the piano, he truned around and put his hands around my waist. "Are tu ok, Bella. tu look kinda worried."
"Im ok, just a little freaked out. How dare Jacob come into my roomand wach me sleep." Edward didn't know that he did that. Edward was stiff as a bord, no like a statue. I put my hands around his neck and layed my head on his chest. He wrppad his arms around my body. I could tell that Edward wanted to kill Jacob right now. I wouldn't stop him. Jacob almost killed me once. And I'm sceard he might again.

The weekend was...
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posted by TVAuthor
I have all the Twilight books, but I lost Eclipse and really want to read it. Does anybody know a website tu can read the whole book on? I've been dying to read past the first chapter tu get from New Moon. It sucks I really want to read it, and I can't do that. Please help me with this. From a fan to a fan. tu know how great the book is so help me, a person who wants to read it. Please just find the website and post it to me. Thank tu so much! I hope tu already know one, o can easily find one. Thank you!!
Twilight co-stars and BFFs Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed pose for pictures together as they sign autographs and greet their fans at the Hot Topic store at Fair Oaks Mall on Wednesday in Fairfax, Va.

Kristen, 18, recently sat down with MSNBC and dished about the book series that has everyone talking. “(I) lived with the first book. For like three months o however long that was, and I haven’t been able to mover on.”

She says of co-star and on-screen amor Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen, “He was so different from everybody else that came in (to audition). He’s very responsive, he sees and he listens. And that’s very important, that you’re not actuación in a scene por yourself.”
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