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posted by disneygood
I do not own any of these characters, only Ely, Amelia and Alex. I do not own the Twilight Saga either.

Authors Words:

Hello. My Name is actually Eli, but our names our spelt differently. Ely is a made up character that I made. I hope tu enjoy this book, if tu do not understand a bit, please ask! Now, Lets Begin...


I woke up on a Stone cold Marble floor, looking up into red, evil eyes.
"Ely, my dear. Remember me? tu will obey me and will talk to kill Vampires. Understood?" A voice said.

I was too dizzy and I couldn't nod, i managed too in the end. I picked myself up and walked on over to Aro.
"What do tu want Aro?" I asked.
"Your a Volturi now!" He said, while grabbing and hugging me.
"Get. off. ME!" I screamed. "God!" I said. I stormed up the stairs into my Chamber. I opened my draw and looked at a picture of Me, Bree, Jacob and Amelia all hugging. I started to cry. Suddenly Alex busted through my door and pushed me too my knees...

I woke up, that was all a dream! But then I realised something, I was still in my Chamber, Alex watching over me.
"Go. Get out of Italy, go back to Alice. Go!" Alex said. I climbed out the window and ran to Seattle, I walked over to Bree's house and knocked on their wood door.
"Ely?" She asked me.
"Bree!" I dicho while hugging her.
"Does Alice still live here?" I asked after our hug was done.
"Yes," She dicho "ALICE!"

Right on cue, Alice trotted in from upstairs.
"Ely! I missed tu soooo much!" She said.
"I know it has been Half a decade!" Bree dicho while inviting me in and taking off my coat. We all sat down at the coffee mesa, tabla and had a catch up. I told them what the Volturi is really like, and what happened with Alex, where he pushed me onto my knees.

Alex phoned me that night, saying he misses me. Which is not a usual thing that happens. We HATE each other, why does he miss me. That very night there was a knock on the door, i answered it and guess who was standing there.


Do not worry! This storyline gets happier!

There will be siguiente Chapters Just look up Ely Cullen: Chapter 2.

If tu have Stardoll, go on it and type in Ely_Cullen. It is my account and it is about Ely.
Bree moved with Alice when she was lonely.
Alex is Ely's Cousin
 Bree, My Best Friend (Jodelle)
Bree, My Best Friend (Jodelle)
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