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posted by Tatti
Here's a fifth chapter and it's from my most favorito! character (Alice) point of view. Thanks to all who read and comentario this story.

5th chapter Hiding


"It's already morning" I whispered to Jasper trying to free myself from his embrace but he ignored and continued kissing. "You know, we have adorable tiny girl whom we adopted and I don't think it's nice to keep her waiting".
"I know..." he sighed "But she's not wake now so we still have some time we can use..." he smiled and I gave up.
Five minutos later I heard how Jalley got up. She started running down the stairs and on the halfway jumped gracefully straight to Jasper's arms.
"Good morning, Miss" he dicho swaying her.
"Morning" she replied shyly and hugged his neck. For a moment I couldn't do anything else besides smiling and admiring this lovely scene. Three days hace she dicho in the same shy tone that she loved me. And yesterday she whispered these words to Jasper. I thought I'm gonna explode from happiness - my girl accepted us as parents!
"What do tu want to do today?" Jasper asked tickling her belly.
"I, I don't know" she was laughing and trying to hide behind my back.
I closed my eyes and froze for a second. A sigh escaped from my lips - I couldn't see future with four half-vampires in family clearly but I could guess.
"Soccer match, I think. Four teams: Emmett, Rose and Emi against us three and Carlisle, Esme, Nick against Edward, Bella and Nessie"
"Awesome!" he exclaimed and started chasing Jalley around the house. Even if wouldn't have an ability to see future, I could predict one thing for sure. Emmett and Jasper always loved to compete against each other but now their competition entered completely new level. o better say, proud fathers level. I think I already hear them boasting "My princess is faster" "But my girl fights better" "Emi learned to read five days ago" "Jalley did that a week ago" "It's because she's older" "Or because she's smarter.... Everyday the same.
"Do tu think Edward is ready to play? He was beaten two times por kids after all" Jasper grinned and interrupted my thoughts.
"Oh, he'll definitely play" I assured him. And that reminded me our conversation yesterday. Edward was really curious about bebés past. Nessie could remember her birth, so probably they could remember too but when we asked Nick and Emi what they can tell about themselves, they dicho the only memory is the darkness and the feeling being carried. And then we came into the picture. With Jalley everything was different. And her nightmares made wonder what she has suffered. I couldn't ask her at first cause she didn't spoke a word but now she was talking, laughing, playing and even loved us. Edward pushed me to pregunta her. Maybe today I should? I looked at Jalley on Jasper's back and decided to wait until the match will be over.
Apparently, I was a bit wrong about opponents - our team played with Edward, Bella and Nessie while Emmett could demonstrate his skills to Carlisle's team. We didn't leave any chances to Edward and Emmett also won so it was decided to arrange Grand finale. The match was amazing - Emi was faster then Jalley, but my girl was trickier. Emmett and Jasper almost kicked off their legs trying to get a ball and I had to face Rosalie who also wasn't in a mood of losing. The results changed very quickly so it was impossible to predict the ending. Finally, the last segundo Jasper passed ball to Jalley and GOAL! We won! Emmett whined all the way that we cheated.
When we reached our inicial - now we all were living in separate houses near each other, it was dark. Jasper carried sleepy Jalley upstairs and I followed them trying to find words to start my interrogation.
"Uhm... Jalley?" I sat on the corner of her bed. "Can I ask tu something?"
"Sure" she whispered putting her head on the pillow. She looked so tired and so cute this moment that I wavered if I should continue.
"Sweetie, tu know how much I amor you, but there are some things I would like to know..." I paused.
"Uhm..." her eyes were closed.
"Honey, can tu remember anything from tu past? From your life before coming here?" I watched her eyes flew open filled with fear and I wanted to bite off my tongue. "Sweetie, I'm sorry. tu don't have to talk if tu don't want to.
"No, it's fine..." her voice was shaking. "I can remember... I can... The darkness. Yes, it was dark. My eyes were closed. I was so scared" her body start shaking and I could see her tears. I wanted to stop her but she continued "I was carried. Emi and Nick was siguiente to me. I was so scared that I didn't open my eyes". Now she was sobbing and I hugged her. After an hora she fell asleep and I went downstairs. Her story was the same as Nick's o Emi's but none of them reacted like this. I knew she was lying.
"Alice, why did tu asked her that?" Jasper was looking at me concerned. I knew he's gonna be angry if I mention Edward so I did the same thing Jalley just did. I lied.
"I can't see her future. What if her father will appear and take away her from us?"
"Oh, Alice..." he hugged me around the waist and pulled closer. "I'm not letting anyone to hurt tu o Jalley. She's ours. Nothing won't change that" and he kissed me. I smiled - right now I was sure that we'll have our girl forever.

Thanks for reading!
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