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posted by angiehomas
im in the devils playground
dont know anyone round here
i will try to stand my ground
and not let anyone sense my fear
cant confisgate a reality that is based on lies
i will not negociate with my pride
foolish as i was i am no longer that person
yes try to hold my gaze
my will wont lesson
and i am in the devils playground
i have my own toys
i try to not look around
to the erie noise
scrapping nails apon the pavement
and dried blood up on the walls
a smell that so nauseating
i feel i might fall
light headed i cant be
not in this place anyways
i walk further trying to find a way out of this place.
how did i get here where did i go wrong my morbid curisoty
of a unrealistic song.driven to a brink thats almost sickning
i cant find myself.a way out of the devils playground. my own personal hell
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