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the siguiente one will be up soon today, before i leave to the ZUMBA :D ENJOY

Bella's pov

“Bella, we shouldn’t go in there” Daniel dicho with fear and I looked at him
“I have been here before with Leann, it’s okay” I dicho but I saw that his face showed fear and pain. “what happened to tu here” I asked him very carefully.
He took a deep breath and than dicho with pain and hate
“to me, nothing. But my best friend disappeared in the forest, he was looking for his ball, but he never got back out”
“I’m sorry Daniel, but it’s been years now and I need you’re help” I dicho almost begging him, so he looked at me and nodded
Edward grabbed my hand and all 3 of us started walking into the forest.
“It’s best that we don’t run” I dicho to them and I had this feeling that they were both looking at me right now so I turned towards them.
“What” I dicho to them
“you could have mentioned it” Daniel dicho angry
“why can’t we run” Edward asked me
This is gonna be hard to explain but I gave it a try
“years hace Leann and me made booby-traps of witchcraft, so no one could found us that easy here, it was our place to feel safe, without anyone ruining it” I dicho back

“What if Leann made other traps” Daniel dicho mad and concerned
“She wouldn’t, I have a feeling that she’s would expecting me someday” I dicho insecure
“What” Daniel asked me confused
“It’s a long story, okay, can we just continue walking” I dicho mad and annoyed
“No, I’m going back, it’s getting dark soon and if were going to walk in this forest, I’ll do it in clear day” Daniel dicho angry
“Fine, but you’re going back on your own” I dicho and continued walking
“Bella wait” Edward dicho to me and I stopped looking at him but he was looking at Daniel
“Daniel, Bella and me can’t go in daylight, specially not when the sun shines, we vampiros start to glitter in the sun and it would expose us to humans, so Bella is right, we need to go now” Edward dicho friendly to Daniel.
“Okay, let’s continue walking then” Daniel dicho slowly and a little disappointed and I smiled at Edward, the saver of the día

I don’t know how long we been walking but it was already pretty dark and walking here in the forest was kind of scary, I’m glad I’m not human anymore otherwise I would totally agree with Daniel before.
I looked at Daniel and I saw he was shining with a little flashlight that hanged on his car keys.
A couple of minutos later I guess I saw a little light ahead of us and I gave Edward a little push
“Do tu see that” I asked him
“yeah, it’s a cabin” he dicho back whispering
“Daniel, can I borrow you’re flashlight” I asked him, he hesitated but still handed it over to me.
“I should check it out first” I dicho determined
“Bella you’re not going alone,” Edward dicho concerned
“yeah Bella, Edward is right, tu should go alone” Daniel dicho worried
“I’ll have to, I’m the only one who knows the booby traps” I dicho and I walked towards the cabina avoiding all of the booby traps.

I was glad I finally made it at the door of the cabin, I knocked and waited. I heard some noise inside and then suddenly the door flew open.
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Bella’s POV

    I didn’t know how much later it was. It seemed like two minutes. Then I heard Aro’s voice saying, “Bella, wake up. You’re home.”
    I opened my eyes. We were in front of the Cullen’s house. I was overjoyed. But wait, there was something off. The lights were off just like when they left. Did they leave?
    “Where is everyone?” I asked.
    “I don’t know. Their scent is almost four months old,” Aro said.
    “They must have went looking for me,” I said....
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1.You risk being grounded in the name of Twilight!
2.You check the twilighters site más than your facebook/myspace pages.
3.Every thing that tu talk about, some how relates back to Twilight!
4.People ask tu if tu want to go to the cine and tu automatically try to convince them to see Twilight for the millionth time.
5.Everywhere tu go, you’ll think of the Twilight characters and wonder if they have ever been there.
6.You cried even when tu were in the same building as Nikki Reed and Edi Gathegi even though tu didn’t see them.
7.You risk getting fired at work por using the off limits...
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That night Bella went inicial and had a long argument with Jacob about working and hanging arond with the Cullens. "Bella, tu know I don't like tu hanging around with them bloodsuckers. tu shouldn't do this to me, you'll get hurt,"Jacob dicho with false conserne. "Jacob, tu stopped me from going to college because tu didn't want to leave La Push, I understand that but your not even around any más I can't always hang around with Christy any más she has a job tu know! Ineed to get off my but and work have some fun and enjoy life while it lasts!" Bella complained over and over but Jacob wouldn't...
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