parejas de la televisión Saddest couple scene ever?

Pick one:
brucas "Why won't tu ever just let me all the way in?"
brucas 4x01 break-up.
brucas "I'm not the guy for you, Brooke Davis."
brucas "How could tu cheat on me with my best friend?"
brucas "You who called me your pretty girl."
Jeyton "I could've held tu in my arms forever..."
Jeyton "If it's meant to be we'll be together."
naley "This is not the end for us."
naley "Are tu gonna say anything?"
naley "I want a divorce."
Leyton "We're having this baby."
Leyton "You dicho I was great! tu dicho we were destined to be together!"
Leyton "Be happy, Luke. I want that with all my heart."
Leyton "You're always saving me."
Brulian "I wanna have a family."
Brulian "Aunt Brooke is dead."
Jate "I missed tu so much."
Jate glass wall.
Jate "Kate, dammit run!'
Jate retelling the story.
Jate "I couldn't find you."
Jate "I was doing something for him!"
patinar, patinar, skate comforting Kate.
patinar, patinar, skate "I wanted to believe we had a damn chance!"
patinar, patinar, skate "Close your eyes, freckles."
Suliet "Don't tu let go."
Suliet "Kiss me, James."
Suliet reunion.
PB&J Charlie's goodbye.
PB&J reunion.
Jun drowning together.
Jun reunion.
DesPen the phonecall.
Delena "I don't deserve you"
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Ten & Rose - "Last change to say it."
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Tiva Orchard Scene.
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