parejas de la televisión Which characters do tu want to see together again o for the first time? Add your wish couples too.

Pick one:
Brenda & Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210)
Brooke & Chase (One árbol Hill)
Brooke & Lucas (One árbol Hill)
Buffy & ángel (BtVS)
Cordelia & Xander (BtVS)
Elena & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)
Ella & David (Melrose Place 2.0)
Faith & ángel (Angel)
Gillian & Cal (Lie to me)
Haley & Chris (One árbol Hill)
Joy & Earl (My name is Earl)
Juliet & Jack (Lost)
Juliet & Shawn (Psych)
Kate & Sawyer (Lost)
Kelly & Brendon (Beverly Hills, 90210)
Lana & Clark (Smallville)
Lois & Oliver (Smallville)
Penny & Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)
Phoebe & Cole (Charmed)
Rachel & Joey (Friends)
Ria & Eli (Lie to me)
Silver & Dixon (90210)
Willow & Oz (BtVS)
Lois & Clark [Smallville]
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Damon and Bonnie
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Barney&Robin [HIMYM]
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Tony & Ziva [NCIS]
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Serena & Nate
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