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derekh85 posted on Apr 04, 2009 at 01:29PM
Hello i was cleaning up a old house an found three pics so far from what i can tell they are pics that you had to win or send in for like from mcdonalds like you would of had to have so many points an send them in to get the pics i may be wrong i dont have no clue but one of the pics is of woody an the little red headed girl that he plays with riding bullseye the two others pics are of buzzlight year doing different things if anyone can help me find out the story behind the pics or what they are or anything i would realy love to know if you need any more info or know what they are email me plz i check it everyday i wont be able to check this site that much but thanks alot for ur time an help

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hace más de un año nikaitla said…
ill see what i can do