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posted by noodles57
Welcome to the Toy Collector Network - Your Personal Toy Trading Community. The most fun buying and selling Toys on the web!

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The International Online feature: According to the British "Daily Mail" reportar on May 26th, England couple Craig • McCartney and Lindsey • Haggerty are carrying out their"Lego global traveling " with the Lego link couple dummy which is spliced based on themselves. They offer the maverick fotos for " Lego couple " and these pictures are overfavoured online.
McCartney and Haggerty are processing their self-catering global traveling.Their luggage includes backpack, map, camera as well as dummy spliced from Lego doll. They take dummy pictures at every place they pass por and subir these maverick...
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A plush toy is one kind of children’s toys. It has some features such as vivid and lovely appearance, soft-touch, extrusion resistant, easy to clean, rich decoration, high security, applicable to a broad crowd and so on. Thus, plush toy is a good choice for children.
According to the product’s characteristics, plush toys can be divided into the following four categories:
--As per stuffed toys production characteristics, there are fillers for each plush toy’s production, therefore, they can be also called fluffy toys, fabric toys, o más simple as stuffed toys.
--Filling o not is another...
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Thanksgiving día is a unique festival in North America.In Canada, Thanksgiving is on the segundo Monday of October.
And in the USA, it is the forth Thursday in November every year. It was set por the US Presidents Washington, lincoln to thank God for the harvest day, and then it became American national traditional festival. When the festival comes,the whole country will have a 4-day (including Sunday) vacation.
It is recorded that in September 1620, más than 100 puritans who were not satisfied with Anglicanism sailed to North America to avoid being persecuted, but half of these people died due...
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Q: How to clean the big stuffed toys?
A: The simplest way is to prepare a bag which is bigger than the toy. Put the toy and add some salt in the bag. Then shake them about ten o twenty times. Now it’s done. The principle is that the salt can absorb debris.
Q: kids keep coughing after playing stuffed toys, why?
A: Ok, according to tu description, kids maybe allergic to stuffed toys. The suggestion is that tu should let kids take medicine first, and drink más water. And don’t let them touch stuffed toys again because they are easily allergic to plush toys.
Q: How to clean a plush toy?
A: Before...
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