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posted by Isabella121797
My P.O.V
This is based off of a photo! A really awesome one! I'll add it l8r!

Courtneys P.O.V
Today I walked into work and when I passed my boss Ashely she just looked at me and chuckled.
Ashely and I are BFF amd we amor to pull pranks on each other! I wonder what she was up to!
I just ignored her and walked into my office in downtown NYC! I had to work extra hard if I was going to be done with my work in time for lunch! Then I had to go and meet my bf Josh at Julio's!
So I start working shortly after I get a phone call.
*picks up the phone*
Me: Hello?
Ashely: hola Court tu have a new case tu have...
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posted by Isabella121797
 Courtneys Outfit in the Morning...
Courtneys Outfit in the Morning...
My P.O.V

Ok this is taking place after TDWT. Everything that happened, happened. Gwen. Duncan. Courtney. All that drama... This is a new season called Total Drama Highschool. Enjoy!

Courtneys P.O.V

I wake up to my alarm clock, going off. Immediately I tortazo it hard to shut it up. I walk over to my bathroom and take a shower. I blow dry and straighten my hair before walking over to my dresser. I grab a pair of skinny jeans and a striped top. I put on my converse and ran out. I ran to the front of my house to see the bus driving off. I swear under my breath and take off down the street. I see Bridgette...
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Total drama island
.she was a sweet good girl
.a great team plaeyr and leader
. flirty
. liked my most campers
. honest

Total dramam action
. wayy over competitive
. soemtimes won my tricking ppl
. snobby
. disliked por most campers
. obsessive

Total drama world tour
. team player/ leader
. semi sweet
. wining attitude with out the tricking
. naive and oblivious
. renvengful
. clouded judgement

so ya thats my articel hope tu like... feel free to comment
posted by PhoebeWyoming
Before Courtney entered TDI, she was busy escritura a series of libros for teens. She lived in New York City, New York. In an apartment building with her parents, Tina and Cole. In school she was teacher's pet, in a good way. She was also running for student council president for 3 months. She NEVER started dating and she was ready for college. Courtney had dreamed on meeting and being the president. But it would never happen. Courtney's Lema is "I'm the only one with C.I.T campain expirience."
Some people say that Courtney liked Duncan first on the mostrar but it was all wrong.
Okay, so Duncan and Gwen Kissed, it is a fact. Duncan and Courtney were once a couple, thats a fact as well. Why can't both sides just get over it and leave eachother alone? There will always be Duncan and Courtney fans, becasue they were once a couple. There will now always be Duncan and Gwen fans becasue they ARE a couple now, o for now.And becasue of this the "war" is stupid. In fact war is stupid to begin with.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone from the other side of the war without them knowing your a fan? My plan didn't work well, because the fan I picked in the fanpop chat was...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Courtney Rivera age 13 This is the Autobiography unlike others in my adventure of life this took place about 67 years hace 2010 i am at the age of 80 and this is my amazing life story divded into 6 main parts it all began November 15 2010 one monday morning ­ T S T     Volcano-chapter:1Origin by:Zannalee Rivera
    My head was spinning and eyes barely open and I knew it was Monday.
I slowly lifted my head and managed to get to my feet,I ran my hands through my curly Reddish-brown hair filled with dirt and knots my hands filthy....
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posted by 8thGradeGenius
Like a lover, the morning sun
Slowly rises and kisses tu awake
Your smile is soft and drowsy
As tu let it play upon your face
Oh, how I dream
I might be like the morning sun to you

Like a lover, the river wind
Sighs and ripples its fingers through your hair
Upon your cheek it lingers
Never having known a sweeter place
Oh, how I dream
I might be like the river wind to you

How I envy a cup that knows your lips
Let it be me, my love
And a mesa, tabla that feels your fingertips
Let it be me, let me be your love
Bring an end to the endless days and nights
Without you

Like a lover, the velvet moon
Shares your almohada and...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
sorry is i miss spell anything.courtney i think is the best charicter on the show, i dont understand y people dont like her i mean she can b a littel bossy but she is just being a leader.and she is really smart and is nice.and i amor how she is still in liove with duncan even when she gets mad at him.and i really hate how she wuz cheeted off the mostrar but i cant wait 2 c wat happens on TDA i have cheked and google 2 but all i know is that the 3 moast likelly people r COURTNEY,lindsey,and beth who i dont want 2 win because she wuz mean about the hole gewn and trent thing but wat ever all i am trying 2 say but i am not really shur if i got it out is that courtney rox and if u dont like her then u r just haters.
CourtneyGirl out.