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posted by sexybaby9087
"Welcome to Total Drama Elementry.I'm your host Chris Mclein and today we will have 22 mini kids joining us today find out all the kids in Total Drama Elementry (5 mim later on break)"Chris I have to go potty"said Trent "sorry where about to come back on"
Trent:I can't beleve Chris would not let me go potty that bull
"Welcome back to Total Drama Elementry here comes our first kid comin out the bus Beth whats up"said Chris"hey Chris it so crediluis to meet tu ur much taller in real life"said Beth"A... thanks,DJ"said chris "Yo Chris whats up hows it goin tu sure u got the...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….
“Um what time dose the plane leave again???” I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. “Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there por 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5.” Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. “Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran tu threw it like what 35 times?” He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. “I just wanted to make sure” I lied threw my teeth, cause I...
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
hiya! i am gonna play a part of total drama island phobia factor!!!!!!! enjoy!
"shes pretty , shes nice." exlames courtney.
"just one hug and your done "chris dicho snaping his finger.
"that looks really real man!" dicho doncan.
"hey , its ok if tu can't do it"courtney dicho conferting him
"alright, i'll try." he dicho smiling.
" tu can do this ." dicho courtney.
"ok ok" he dicho with confidence
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa( sorry , thats the song they put in the the backround)
doncan did it! he huged the standee.
"whoooooooohoooo!!!!" cried courtney "doncan your awsome!"
"ha , i did it !" he dicho happily
courtney hugs duncan then remembers that she pretends she dons't like him.
"wooooooooohoooooooo"cried everyone.............thanks ...........................have a good one
posted by poptrop300
Do any of tu who watch glee agree with this?

Finn - Trent
Rachel - Courtney
Kurt - Noah
Mercedes - LeShawna
Artie - Harold
Tina - Gwen
Sam - Geoff
Puck - Duncan
Mike -Tyler
Blaine - Cody
Quinn - Heather
Brittany - Lindsay
Santana - Katie
Becky - Beth
David - Lightning
Sebastian - Scott
Jesse - Justin
Joe - DJ
Rory - Ezekiel
Sugar - Dakota
Lauren - Sadie
Wade/Unique - Cameron
Matt - Silent B

Will - Brick
Sue - Jo
Emma - Bridgette
Shelby - Dawn
Carl - Alejandro
Ken - Owen
acebo - Anne Maria
Terri - Izzy
Beiste - Eva
Roz - Sierra
Figgins - Sam

The only camper missing is Staci. Not that I don't like her, there was no más female spots. And Sam as Figgins was because he was the last male camper left and Figgins was the last one left too.
Chris: last time Total Drama Around the World! Australia! Also known as Down under! There the contestants had to catch a canguro and ride it to the finish line. Oh and I forgot to mention our new contestant Amber! Anyways, in the team Italy lost sending Geoff out the plane to see Bridgette again. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will want to kill me after this episode but can't because I have better lawyer?! Find out all this and más on this episode of Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(Mess hall)
Chef: (putting some type of sopa in the bowls for Team Italy) Eat up Losers!
Annie: I...
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Bridgette: Hi mom!
Bridgette's mom: Hi brigette! We got a suprise for you.
Bridgette: Mom I'm not in the mood.
Bridgette's mom: Why!
Bridgette: Well, after Duncan won, Geoff ran out of there so fast I couldn't even sat hi!
Bridgette's mom: Well, now can I mostrar tu your prise?
Bridgette: Mabey later. I'm going to the shirf shak.
Bridgette's mom: But Bridgette!

Bridgette: heno, hay dad!
Bridgette's dad: heno, hay bud!
Bridgette: How's the shak doing?
Bridgette: Great. Now even brtter secne tu are here bud!
Bridgette: Thanks!
Bridgette's mom: Bridgette! tu need to see your prise.
Bridgette: What is it then?
Bridgette's mom: It's not a it, it's a who.
Bridgette: What?
Geoff: Bridgette!
Bridgette: Geoff?
Geoff: Hi!
Bridgette: What are tu doing here?
Geoff: I'm moving here!
posted by Seastar4374
Trent, Gwen, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, and Courtney are lost on an island after a shipreck unconchis. Trent wakes up. Ugh where are we? Yopu guys alright? Guys? Thats great they're unchonchis. Is there anyone here? I'm bored. Gwen wakes up. Trent is the you? Yeah. Where are we? Thats what I want to know. Wanna walk around the island and see what we can find to make a shelter. Sure. Lets go Trent. Courtney wakes up. Ow man I am sooo sore. Thats whyb I was laying on a crab. Where are we. Trent? Gwen? TRENT! GWEN! who was that? I don't know Gwen lets keep going. Duncan wakes up. Courtney. Huh?...
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posted by kickassbjean
 One...two...three...four...five and and eight
One...two...three...four...five and and eight
My girlfriends Jacki and Brittani are like sisters. They get along so well for complete opposites. But something happened where that all could easilybe rearranged.

The girls were sitting up in Jacki's room playing Grand Theft Auto, then Britt dicho she was hungry so she went downstairs to make herself a sandwich. So she went to the cocina adn made a emparedado, sándwich de and started eating it while going back upstairs, and in the living room was Chucky sitting on the couch. He had blood dripping all over his face, and he jsut stared at the girl with hypnotic, stabbing eyes. She stood there with her half-eaten...
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posted by splinter505
jumanji: *in body cast* i'm so happy Death wen't home
Aydan: tell me about it
Alex: i am so gonna win
Phil: today your challenge is to fight a ghost, your teams will be brought together once and tu will choose a person to fight
zombies: look at jumanji
jumanji: i can't i'm in a body cast
Alex: oh than me
jumanji: fine
jackie: hollow
Hollow: fine
Phil: skellotens your up
hollow: die
ghost: *punches Hollow*
hollow: * falls to grown*
Phil: your out,next
Alex: *gets sword* die
ghost: agg!!!
Phil: tu win, now every one to the ceremony
later at ceremony
Phil: alex has invincibilety, summer, hollow
, Jacki and Aydan your safe. bye carly
max:oh,before tu jump,i have to tell tu something.3 things,actually!first of all, im not going with you,so to tell tu the challenges,here are some wlki-talkis! segundo of all,let me announce the teams.elizabeth,tiffany,lia,katherine,and jacki,your on the SREAMING SQUIRRLES! violet,phil,izabel,yuri,and alex are on the KILLER CROCS!alex:cool! max:and third of all,jacki,watch out for the parte superior, arriba of the door! *jacki bumps her head* jacki:oh my god,im SMART! alex:yeah,right!prove it,whats 345 devided por 67? jacki:5.14925373134! alex:*pulls out calculater*WOW,SHE'S RIGHT! TEENS:*GASP!!!* max:now jump!! teens as their falling:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *CRASH* siguiente TIME, FIND OUT WHO DIED!
Welcome to the TDIG. Our studnets this año have been working very hard to accomplish there goals for there grad and now it is it. ``I shall now call tu all up for your diplomas`` dicho Mrs.Anderson (teacher). Noah Anger, woo hoo I already new I was graduating`. Izzy Bale,Izzy Bale, Izzy are tu here, just then swingin in on a streamer IZZY, here! Cody Barnes, alright getin my dilpoma! Courtney Diamond, just then every DxC fan stood up in the Audience and yelled yeah Courtney. As time when on every one was enticpating Duncans turn`. Ezekiel, Eva, Sadie, Tyler, Justin, Bridegtte, Geoff. Katie,...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
Hi, I'm Amber, Trent's little sister. I saw Cody today and he is kinda cute! I think i'm in amor with him.... I mean were friends but we tell each other everything! I amor to sing, my bubba taught me everything i know! Oh and Brooke if your lectura this do tu wanna be Bffs? My mom says that Trent will be a famous gitar player and that i will be the singer. tu know cody has never told me his last name if tu know plz tell me!I am like Lindsay but smarter: I have style,
I am hot! and Unlike her I have talent! Hmp! I mean the only person who could pull of hot as being a talent is... Justin!

* Car pulls up*
Cody's hear! oh.. no! Gotta go1

*blows kiss*Be Stylish!!!
posted by Flo_and_Trent
Trent stood in the pooring rain,looking at his nephew's grave,tears in his eyes.His family went inside to discuss the will,but he couldn't leave.All of a sudden he felt a warm hand on his shoulder.He turned around to see Courtney wearing a black short-sleave dress under an umbrella.

"Shouldn't tu be at the Aftermath?" he choked out,trying not to cry again.

"Knowing tu were like this?" she hugged him.She kept the embrace as he cried into her shoulder."It's okay...Ben wouldn't want tu to be like this,he hates it when tu cry."

Trent sniffled and looked back at the grave."Courtney,he got the virus...
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posted by sexybaby9087
hi,im Lia and i am 2 1/3 brother duncan is nice to me and so is my mommy and daddy but my mommy and daddy are having some troble.first my dad came inicial from work late and my mom was like "I thought tu be inicial por 10 it is 12:02 and ur kids are worried sick"and my dad was like"come on bab it was only 2 hours"and my mom was like "i dodnt care"and my dad smacked my mom and they had a fight and duncan called the police that is all i saw.There is a picture of me and wait i forgot my dad and mom was tooken to the police station and we stayed with izzy and chris
"ok, you've turned in all your votes,, this isn't surprising" dicho Chris. "ok, u all know the speech, who ever gets voted off must walk the red carpet of shame, catch the lamo-sceen and go home, and u must NEVER come back, killer grisp, one of tu will be going home, Lindsay, Justin, Courtney, Beth, Brandi, Amy, Tonya.....Owen, Bryanna, one of tu is going home". "Owen!". "WHAT!" yelled Bryanna none of tu will get anywhere without me! I swear I will take a bulldoizer and crash into all your houses! tu will be dead when I'm done with you!!!". "BYE! Bri-bri!" called Juli from the...
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It was now time to receive the guilded chris awards. someone would be iliminated from the screaming gaffer team. chris started to call the names. "Duncan,.....JG,.....Vanita,....Gwen,...
Seiamica,......Alex,......Blake, ....Leshawna, harold, DJ". "there are two guilded chris awards left", Julie and Calvin were the Two left. julie smiled with comfidence. "Calvin!!!" yelled chris. "what!!!!" yelled julie "thats not posible!" most of the people on this team are my friends!" "sorry ju'ann" dicho JG "but tu went completely nuts and lost us the callenge!" "no way!!!!" yelled julie "you mean to say...
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With enough edginess to be censored por Cartoon Network, Total Drama Island teeters on the borderline between milder Adult Swim shows and regular CN shows. With CN not caring much about the series anymore, maybe it's time to go in the Adult Swim direction. This would allow for más of that mature humor that made TDI so great, and was kinda lost in later seasons. But would Adult Swim accept the pitch? Here's why I think so. While TD's ratings may not be good enough for CN, Adult Swim has renewed Squidbillies, which got even lower ratings on its latest season. Adult Swim also recently revived...
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Well... here are the results!
27. "The Chefshank Redemption" 40% of 5 people picked this.
26. "3:10 to Crazytown" 57% of 7 people picked this.
25. "The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent" 17% of 6 people picked this.
24. "One Million Bucks, B.C." 60% of 5 people picked this.
23. "The Aftermath II: Forgive & For-Gwen" 67% of 3 people picked this.
22. "Rock n' Rule" 50% of 4 people picked this.
21. "Super Hero-ld" 33% of 6 people picked this.
20. "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen" 50% of 4 people picked this.
19. "Beach Blanket Bogus" 50% of 4 people picked this.
18. "Top Dog" 40% of 5 people picked this....
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posted by HoldsteinSingh
 LeShawna definetely looks good as Pocahontas...
LeShawna definetely looks good as Pocahontas...
Which disney Princess do tu like best?

1. Bridgette as Ariel. Both girls are better in nature, even when Ariel is Under the Sea. They both amor the ocean.

2. Lindsay as Aurora. Both girls have blond hair. They even amor to have fun.

3. Heather as Cinderella. Both have shown nudity at some point. Both have short hair. They even got their rewards near the end of their time (i.e. Heather got her prize in the Final Chapter of Total Drama, TDWT. Well, the final chapter for the 25 contestants, at least). Heather had the better victory ending rather than the other winners (Owen and Duncan).

4. Izzy as...
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posted by duncylovescourt
really kind, animal lover, good person, scardy cat.

tough guy, sweet on the inside, cocky, bad boy, rule breaker, smart when wanst to be.

clumsy, trys to hard to impress, works hard.

geeky, dorky, nerdy, loves video games and comic books.

party dude, fun, ethusatic, not very bright.

bossy, user, maniplutive, self centered, tricky , smart.

dunb, girly, pretty

getto, tough

tough, scary, anger issues

quiet, self centered, all abotu looks

loves food, gross, friendly

sarcastic, know it all , smart

musical, little weird,...
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