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(inside the girls trailer, Courtney wakes up immediately; she inhales deeply, then sighs and opens her window curtains)
Courtney: Good morning, day! (she begins to walk, but accidently steps on the parte superior, arriba of her big toe) Oww! (falls over, but gets back up with her toe sore) I stubbed my toe! (Courtney cries profusely like a fountain, leaving a puddle surrounding her) I was walking around and I stubbed my toe! (later, Courtney walks into the baño, cuarto de baño and searches though her camisa, camiseta while humming; she picks one, but the wire hanger rips through the side) D'oh, that was my favorito! shirt. (cries; later,...
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I dont like how people r all like omg duncan is cheeting on courtney with gwen o omg gwen and duncan r 2gether.I dont think they r ok so wat they hugged in an episode so wat, mall goth and punk have a conection like brother and sister, i mean the guy has pic of courtney under his almohada i really dout that duncan will dump courtney 4 gwen, i realy think that duncan and gwen r just friends ok so people can stop the friking gwen and duncan tributes trust me they r not 2gether, eaven gwen dicho so on tda after math, so people just give it a break duncan and gwen r just friends and duncan and courtney r 2gether i this is wat i feel but u know if u feel like o wat ever, u ca think that but this is wat i think so.
out. :)
posted by iloveduncan6
chris: ok now that we are all here lets get started. the teams are chey and jonsey, courtney and duncan,and beth and justin. ok got that
everybody: cool!
chris: ok tu have 10 minutos to see what tu are going to sing and...goooo!
chey: ok i was thinking about it and thought about our favorito! mostrar family guy
jonsey: what does that have to do with this?
chey: tu know when stewie and brian went to all thoes places,then they had went in the future. then they saw meg and she was hot.
jonsey: yes. so where is this going?
chey: ok ill skip to the point. they had sang drop dead legs. so maby tu can sing...
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