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Chris McLean, labeled The Host with the Most, is the host of Total Drama. He has hosted every episode except for Basic Straining, Are We There Yeti?, Eat, Puke and Be Wary, and the aftermaths, except for The Aftermath: IV. He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly-contaminated toxic waste dump. However, he was paroled from prison and returned to host Total Drama All-Stars.

Aside from being the show's host, Chris is also the show's writer, background designer, director, and executive...
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Here are the 13 contestants competiting for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, which premieres in 2012.

Ann Maria

Some of the old contestants will make cameo appearances, even though they won't compete this season. In one of Christian Potenza's YouTube videos, Drew Nelson (the voice of Duncan) was present, recording a line, thus making it possible that Duncan will be one of the original contestants making a cameo appearance.
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(Flashback to last night)

Don: (voiceover) Last night, I bet my car, $100, my dog banjo, and my dignity with a game of poker. I was straight in diamonds, until Bridgette came out with the Royal Flush.

Heather: It's showtime, Don!

Don: (voiceover) They whipped, marked, and scratched me. I have to wear the most shameful costumes and endure in a lot of dares in the same night.

Don: (Unveils the bandages off his torso) Look at me, my back will never be the same. But from that día would start the worst two weeks of my life, por making me jump off the cliff. It is so painful to learn that I would be the girls' ring and nightmare. Now, I am their slave.

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These teens don't know it yet, but they're about to enter an abandoned haunted facility and stay from dusk till dawn and try to communicate with the after life. dicho Chris An hora later, Jasmine, Shawn, Samey, and Amy were driving to the location where ghosts of once living people were dicho to live. They had everything they needed (thermal imager, infrared camera, and a voice recorder) When they got to the location, they saw a resident who was a former patient at the now abandoned facility.
Later, after night fall and when the entire inside was totally dark, Shawn, although not aware of it was being followed por a dark figure with piercing white eyes. When he turned around to confront it, it had disappeared as if it never followed him to begin with. The four decided to división, split off into groups and try get some responses from the afterlife.
Bridgette's pov

I wanted to talk to Courtney so bad cause I really miss her being my best friend. I couldn't go and talk to her because she is in the popular corner and I wasn't allowed there because I wasn't popular enough and of coarse Geoff was there. So I decidid to go to Gwen's house since she got kicked out.

Courtney's pov

It was getting late so i went home. When I got out, my dad told me that me and my friends needed to go to caneda for a little trip and he also dicho that we get to go on a privete jet. I decidid to pick Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette. Sure me and Bridge hadn't talked since last año but she's still my best friend. After I called them and dicho yes I went staight to bed.

Duncan's pov

I helped clean the party with Geoff case his house was a mess! I also got an invite from Courtney to go to Caneda with her and Geoff also got invited. I wonder how many hot chicks are going to be there!
Courtney's pov

I was ready for Geoff's party. My butler dicho that i need to go hom at 12:00. My butler also dicho that his son jacob will drop me off there, Jacob is a real gentlemen. And he brought his girlfriend with him. I work at the model agencey and all that crap so i'm slim. And i am way out of his league.

Geoff's pov

my party is going to be really off the hook! I heard that Courtney was coming, and also bridgette with Gwen. how am i going to tell Duncan!

Duncan's pov

I was wearing a tux to Geoff's formal party. His parents were rich like courtney cause their parents are co-workers. I don't...
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Courtney's pov

After the total drama series i chenged. Im not that uptight chic back at the island, I am the meanest and most hottest girl in my school. I am also the captain of the cheer squad, I also own this school. Lots of people had been crushing on me ever since.

Bridgette's pov

Sophmore año and i finally found myself, I cut my hair like Gwen's hair style and I also died somee of it pink, so now it's blondle with rosado, rosa highlights. I broke up with Geoff cause he just isin't my type anymore, I have a new boyfriend now, his name is Rick. He is really sweet when tu get to know him. I didn't...
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Duncan's P.O.V.

I ran after her. Faster and faster. Trent right beside me. Why was he...ohhh. Not on my watch. I elbowed him in the ribs. He fall but he managed to grab my leg. He grabbed me down with him.
I was going to kill him...
We got up and started fighting. Geoff had to pull us apart. We walked back to the house. Inside Bridgette was frantically calling Courtneys phone number. Then on that stupid celebrity gossip crap I heard:

"Breaking news! Duncan shares his remaining amor for Courtney. We have a special guest with us. Everybody give it up for Gwen Hatchet."

I sat down on the sofá to watch....
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