Thomas the Tank Engine Vote for a New Club Banner

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 Seanthehedgehog posted hace más de un año
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I've noticed you've made a "Vote for a New Club Banner" poll 5 times now for this spot. Stop.

I get it. I do. You want a new banner. I'm sure other fans of this spot have noticed it too.

The other fans keep voting no. They want to keep the current banner, or they just don't like the banner you keep trying to make happen.

I know it's frustrating when a poll like this dosen't go the way you want it to go. As I said: I get it. I do.

Try again in a few months.

But don't start a new poll each time the old one ends.

How about this:
Start a fourm topic, let other fans suggest new banner/icon ideas.

Here's a great link to follow.

Happy Fanpopping.
posted hace más de un año.