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these are all the reasons i dont like wind nut i amor it

1. In season 4 Musa loses the tomboy part of her personality. she doesn't have that swag anymore and wtf happened to her hair? she used to have pigtails and all of a sudden her hair is just down

2. Flora's outfit gets way too ugly. i mean seriously an like high ponytail with a bow is like what 8 año old girls wear my sister's an eight año old

3. Stella gets way to serious. she used to be funny and have a little bit of an accent but starting season three she just went no. i mean uh she like doesnt make as many jokes.

4. 1 word Roxy. Shes...
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Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with tu all my parte superior, arriba favorito! eleven "good" characters. (And por "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why parte superior, arriba eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my lista of parte superior, arriba eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor...
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