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Icy found her fingers wrapping around the diamond resting on her neck.

The mineral resting there was rather precious to her.

It was cold to the touch--as it should be--glittering, and smooth.

It was like a reflex to touch it. When under stress Icy would find herself clutching o tapping the diamond.

When upset o despairing, she'd unhook the choker from her neck and bring it to her lips. Leaving a metallic taste in her mouth.

Other than that, Icy'd never take the choker off. She'd lose her powers before she let the diamond go.

The diamond was salvation, the diamond was consoling...

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Icy wasn't one for dwelling on the past nor clinging to memories of one person.

To be frank, she thought she was above such.

And yet she refused to cry, at least on the outside, as the pain tore her apart on the inside. Betrayal and loss hand a firm hand squeezing at her heart.

Not that anyone would know.

To them she’d still be as cold and unfeeling as ever.
As it should be.

How she longed for her mask to be real. Between the homicidal merman with anger issues and Valtor—maybe Darkar too—Icy decided she was done wearing her corazón on her sleeve. She’d close off the already small crack...
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Author's Note: hola everyone! So I'm back to escritura my little mini-series thing where I go back-and-forth between escritura one-shot song-fics around metal songs, and then pop songs. My last story was on a pop song (Florence + The Machine's "What the Water Gave Me") so it is now time for a metal song. I'm going to go a little out of order here (If tu want to see the songs listed, link) and start up on a song-fic based on a song por Blackthorn. I've also decided that I will not be doing "Hexshadow Turned to Flesh". I will be doing a different song called "Bestial Satan of Grotesque Beauty." I'm...
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