El Club Winx Roleplay: Locksley Village (Lorinna's Home)

Tecnarules posted on Jun 26, 2012 at 03:07AM
Welcome to the village of Locksley! A quaint and quiet town, where those of the underclass can live at peace. But, not all is well in this small village...the notorious and tyrannical sheriff of Nottingham continues to rain terror upon the mainly villages-including this one.

Today though, is very different from a usual day. He must collect as much money (Or taxes) as her can to suffice the deficiency in funds that he owes to the crown. (Or, Prince John) This is causing in uproar everywhere, and people demand their money back and complain for the way they're being treated.

Robin (The previous Lord of Locksley) has asked Lorinna to come over as quickly as possible-asking for her to bring her best fighting men, or women. He and his gang of outlaws need as much help as they can get to bring justice to the poor, and foil the sheriff once again. Will the girls be able to stop the injustice? Only time will tell...
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hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Walks around) Where exactly are we supposed to be?
Peasant Lady-(Looks at Manu) Why, aren't you dressed all silly like! Where did you ever find those clothes?
Manu-(Blinks) My clothes are perfectly normal, thank you.
Peasant Lady-Those aren't any normal clothes I've ever seen-(Hushes up)
Manu-Well, I can tell you that-(Cocks head to side) Is there something wrong? Is is anything I said..?
Gisborne-If you would mind getting out of the way!
Manu-(Jumps) W-what? Why? You can go around!
Gisborne-(Sneers) Check her pockets! If she has any valuables: take them. (Looks down)It's people like you that need to be taught a lesson.
Guard-(Walks over, grabs Manu) Let's see...oh this necklace is awfully pretty!
Manu-(Struggles) Keep you hands away from that-and get off me! (Squirms)

(Note: If I could ask other role-players kindly NOT to play any of the outlaws, sheriff, or Gisborne-excluding lovebaltor. I don't mean it as a way of "favoritism" or anything like that, it just bothers me when people portray characters that I love...wrongly. Sorry for the inconvenience )-: )
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hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
*Arrow is fired off and barely misses the guard*
Guard: *Jumps* What the bloody hell was that?!
Gisborne: Hood!
Lorinna: No, not exactly...*Steps out*
Gisborne: *Smirks* Lorinna...
Lorinna: *Flutters lashes* Guy, *Giggles...then serious* Let her go, and no one gets hurt.
Guard: And what are you alone going to do about it, sugar pie?
Lorinna: *Leans casually on bow* Well, you see--
Robin: *Fires another arrow*
The Gang: *Emerges from the trees: swords drawn*
Lorinna: *Grins* I'm not alone.
Djaq: I suggest you let her friend go.
John: Exactly, or you will pay.
Robin: Do as we say, Gisborne. We know you're far too busy to deal with us outlaws.
Gisborne: *Shakes head*
Guard: *Tosses Manuella at Lorinna*
Much: *Grabs Manuella and pulls her to the side* Are you alright? I'm Much by the way--
Allan: Much, it is not time for socializing.
Robin: *Nods* Pleasure doing business with you, gents.
Gisborne: But, oh Hood! *Gets off his horse; unsheathes his sword* That's where you're wrong: I'm always up for a fight with you filthy outlaws.
Lorinna: *Chuckles* Challenge accepted, vermin.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Is tossed) Umf! (Is helped by Much) Thank you...I'm Manuella by the way, but friend call me Manu...you can call me that if you like!
Much-Oh I would very much like that!
Allan-Oi, you two: shut it already!
Manu-(Narrows eyes)
Will-Don't mind him...he's always like that.
Manu-(Jumps) W-what? We've got to fight?
Little John-What's it look like? (Reveals his big stick)
Manu-But I can't exactly...fight!
Djaq-Do you think that because you are a woman?
Manu-No, no, no! It's simply because-
Gisborne-(Lashes out at Robin)
Robin-Oh you missed me: as always! (Grins and punches a guard)
Much-(Charges, stabbing another)
Allan-(Punches another)
Little John-(Holds one back while Djaq kills another)
Manu-Uh...? Lorinna!
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Lorinna: *Grins, and starts sword fighting with Gisborne*
Gisborne: *Lashes at her, misses*
Lorinna: *Spins and clashes against his sword. Kicks his shin, causing the sword to fall*
Gisborne: *Hisses, tries punshing her*
Lorinna: *Dodges, swooping downlow kicking him; knocking him unto the ground*
Gisborne: Ouf! *Falls*
Lorinna: *Smirks, lifting his head up by his collar* This was fun, we should do it again sometime--
Robin: What was that?
Allan: Did everyone see it? I don't wanna feel like I'm goin' crazy!
Much: N-n-no! I saw it too!
Lorinna: *Looks around* Oh for crying out loud...
Jasmine: *Rubs head* Damn that sparks!
Will: Who's that?
Lorinna: *Rolls eyes* Another friend...
Guard: *Sneaks over, grabbing Manuella*
Jasmine: *Walks over casually* Oh there you are! At first I thought you meant the present day Nottingham so I went there and found nothing and then--excuse me, *Kicks the guard in the head, knockin him out*
Allan: Bloody hell...
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Blinks) Oh wow, Jasmine...
Allan-Where did you learn to fight like that?
Much-Exactly! That was incredible!
Manu-Why was it so amazing?
Djaq-Because a woman did it?
Much-No! Well...
Manu-(Rolls eyes)
Robin-That's your friend Lorinna? Nice.
Gisborne-Enough of this, (Gets up, grabbing Lorinna and places a blade on her side) Leave now Hood, or I spill her blood all over your lands. (Smirks darkly)
Robin-(Raises hands) Easy Gisborne...we're backing away, see?
The Gang-(Backs up slowly)
Manu-(Watches carefully)
Robin-Now let her go.
Gisborne-You are such an idiot, Hood...guards!
Guards-(Tens of more appear, swords drawn)
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hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Lorinna: *Gasps from the blade at her side*
Gisborne: *Presses harder* The sheriff is going to be so happy when he sees this...
Lorinna: Guy...please...
Gisborne: *Swallows softly*
Robin: Let her go, Gisborne and we'll be on our way.
Gisborne: Oh it's not that simple, guards: get them!
Guards: *Surround the gang and fairies*
Little John: Now what?
Jasmine: *Pats her sides* If only I had a gun--wait a second, *Closes her eyes and focuses her energy. Causing most of the guards to have terrible headaches*
Gisborne: What are you doing?! Get them!
Guards: *Most collapse from the pain*
Jasmine: *Falls to the ground, dizzy*
Djaq: *Kneels over* Are you alright?
Jasmine: Yeah...I think I just went a little overboard.
Allan: You did that?!
Little John: Not now!
Robin: *Raises his bow* Put her down, now.
Gisborne: *Shoves Lorinna in front of him* Shoot me now, Hood...or don't you have the guts.
Robin: *Prepares to shoot...*
Will: Robin, the sheriff!
The Gang: *Looks the see the sheriff's carriage waddling it's way towards the Manor*
Gisborne: Perfect timing, *Grabs Lorinna forcefully* time to show him what I caught.
Lorinna: *Squirms*
Gisborne: *Presses the blade harder*
Robin: *Tries finding a good spot to shoot, doesn't* Damn!
Much: Master come on!
Robin: You'll be sorry you ever did this, Gisborne. *Disappears into Sherwood forest*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Runs after the gang) Hey, we can't just leave Lorinna there with that insane man! We need to go back and get her!
Robin-Don't you think I know that! We need to think, to think of a plan.
Manu-Well how long is that going to take?
Allan-Well, it shouldn't take long...Robin usually thinks somethin' up quick! Right, Robin?
Robin-(Sighs, and rubs his head)
Manu-Well, if you can't think of something quickly...Jasmine and I will just have to rescue her ourselves.
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
((didn't saw this topic at all! How can I come in xD))
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
(You can appear out-of-nowhere from a portal...haha)
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Janise came out of the portal next to Manu. She saw Manu was a bit stressed. Janise laughed. "What's the prob?" She said in a tone like it was a joke.
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: What? How are we supposed to get her out?
Robin: That's what I'm saying - we need to sit and think of a way to get her out.
Jasmine: *Raises an eyebrow* How long is that going to take?
Little John: Manu asked that already...and did she get a clear answer? No.
Much: Well, we've got to do something! We can't just sit here!
Jasmine: I'm with Much, *Raises hands*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Whirls around)When did you get here?
Allan- 'Os that?
Manu-Ignore her...do you have a plan yet?
Robin-If you lot keep talking, I'll never think of a plan!
Manu-Fine! (Sighs, and sits on a log)
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Janise sighs. "Mabye we should just attack, we have enough power. At least, I do."
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-I don't think we should...attacking them with our-abilities-might result in a few problems...
Allan-What are you two talking about?
Robin-(Bites lip) I might have something...
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Yeah, using what we have might be a little...risky. Even considering this place doesn't know the difference between a laptop or a cellphone.
Will: A what?
Jasmine: Never mind...
Djaq: So what is your plan, Robin?
Robin: Well, we could always sneak in.
Allan: Yeah, but how?
Robin: Well, the three girls that we have could become...I don't know, maids of some sort. During the day, you could try and find where Lorinna is being kept, and once night falls, we'll sneak into the castle to rescue you and Lorinna. How does it sound?
Jasmine: ...You know, it's crazy enough to work.
Little John: I think it would work, too.
Robin: Good. So, Manuella, Janise, what do you say?
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Janise looks with unbelieveble eyes. "What do you think I am? A peasant? I'm not going to dress like a maid, I'm much better than that!!" Janise looks with disgust.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Robin-(Chuckles) We're not saying you are. We just need you to dress up like one for one night. It's not the end of the world.
Manu-Exactly...I think it could work! But, how are we supposed to get into the castle?
Robin-Well, two less suspecting looking men from our group could always pretend to be selling you three.
Manu-And who would that be?
Robin-(Taps chin) I think...Much, Allan and Will would be the most unsuspecting members.
Much-I don't know if I should be offended, or not.
Allan-Oh don't be you big baby.
Manu-So, when do you want to move this plan into action?
Robin-As soon as possible, would be best. (Smirks)
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hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Well, we need a change of clothes...
Allan: We could provide you with that! *Grins*
Jasmine: *Rolls her eyes* I think I can handle it myself...*Closes her eyes, and her clothes change from regular, 21st century, to a raggedy brown dress, and apron* There, *Claps hands*
Little John: How did you--?
Jasmine: *Places finger on her lips* Sh! You cannot tell anyone you saw that!
Much: We won't, I swear!
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Jasmine sighs. "Very well, but only because you guys can't do it without my help. I'm to good for this world." says Janise with lots of self confidence. Janise changes her clothes to a short blue dress. "I think this is good enough."
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-Cool, let's see, (Changes her clothes into a ragged red dress, with a white apron) this should do it.
Robin-(Blinks) I won't even ask...at least you lot changed. (Shakes head) Anyways, I think now would be an appropriate time to get you three into the castle.
Much-Master, what should we wear, and how should we act?
Allan-Maybe we should be this rich guys, tryin' to sell our old wives to make some mo' money?
Manu-That is awful!
Allan-Eh! It's just an idea!
Will-But it could work, we just need to look...wealthy.
Djaq-We could fill you pockets with coins, and you could wear some of the fur we stole off the sheriff!
Little John-(Laughs) This plan: I like.
Robin-Then it is settled! Let's get this plan into motion, shall we?
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Everyone gets ready and settled, and soon; Much, Will and Allan are riding horses with one girl behind them, making their way toward the large castle of Nottingham.

Guard: What business do you have here?
Much: We are three lords who have come here to make a bargain with the sheriff!
Guard: What are your names?
Much: Uh--I am Marvin of Bonfield.
Allan: And I'm Arthur of Portsmith.
Will: I'm William of Cluns.
Guard: *Nods* Alright...but if you can't find the sheriff out there, I'm sure Guy of Gisborne will be out there somewhere, *Nods and the door opens*
Allan: Thanks! *Clicks, and the horses move forward*

Inside the castle...

Sheriff: *Pouts* Oh I am so bored...can we not hang someone, Gisborne?
Gisborne: *Sighs* No one is due to hang today, my Lord.
Sheriff: Oh but I am the sheriff, the one who rules these lands...and does it matter when they are scheduled to die? No, because who's the one with power? Me. A clue: no. Go fetch me someone now.
Gisborne: As you wish, *Makes his way towards the door, but is stopped*
Guard: My Lord Sheriff, three noble men have arrived and wish to speak with you.
Sheriff: *Smirks* Nobles? Oh goodie! Something to do! *Hops off his chair and speed-walks to the door* Come Gisborne, and make sure to bring your little pet with you! *Walks out*
Gisborne: *Grabs chains, and forcing a girl to walk* Come on, you hear him.
Lorinna: You just wait till Robin gets here...
Gisborne: Oh yes...but until he gets here, is such a great assumption, isn't it? *Pulls her along side him, outside*


Sheriff: Ah hello! You must be the three nobles that wish to speak with me. So, what is it hm?
Gisborne: *Stalks out with Lorinna*
Lorinna: *Looks up, eyes widen*
Jasmine: *Places finger to lips* Sh...
hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Jasmine gets bored and sighs but listens to what the others have to say.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Much-Well um, we would like to make you an offer, my Lord.
Sheriff-An offer? Well what kind of offer?
Allan-You see, we have these three, lovely, and hard-working women here...but we just don't want to put up with them anymore.
Sheriff-(Chuckles) What were they, your wives?
Will-At one point, yes. (Smirks)
Sheriff-Oh yes yes, so, what's the deal?
Allan-We're willing to sell you these three lovely women-whom will do anything you say-for a mere...300 pounds.
Sheriff-(Sighs) Hm...what about, 250?
Sheriff-(Claps hands) Excellent, excellent! Gisborne, go fetch these men their money.
Gisborne-(Rolls eyes) Behave, (Walks off)
Much-Here, (Gets off his horse, grabbing Manu off as well) this is Manuella.
Sheriff-Yes, hello.
Allan-(Gets off with Jasmine) This here, be Jasmine.
Will-(Gets off with Janise) And this one is Janise.
Sheriff-Well hello. I'm sure you three will make a fine edition to the staff. (Smiles)
Gisborne-(Returns with a pouch)
Sheriff-Oh and here is your money,
Allan-And here is your women, (Chuckles)
Sheriff-(Nods)Pleasure doing business with you.
Will-Not at all, the pleasure was all ours. (They all get on their horses and leave)
Sheriff-Well, I wish I could chat but I have business to attend to. But, Gisborne here will be happy to take care of you.
Gisborne-(Rolls his eyes) Follow me...
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: *Follows Gisborne* Time to try my telepathic messaging...Lorinna? Can you hear me?
Lorinna: *Frowns* Who's there...Jasmine?
Jasmine: Glad that you recognized it's me...listen, Robin has formulated a plan to get you, and all of use out of here. All you need to do is play along with us being maids, stay out of trouble, and tell me where you're being held.
Lorinna: Sounds simple enough...I'm being taken where-ever Gisborne goes, basically. But I'm mainly in the great hall--Robin will understand what I mean.
Jasmine: Alright. When they get here tonight: I'll tell them, *Breaks the connection*
Gisborne: This is where you'll be staying, *Shows a small, dingy room*
Jasmine: Thanks, *Nods, and enters*
Gisborne: *Sneers, and walks off; dragging Lorinna with him*

(*Note: When I wrote in Italics were the thoughts/messages of Jasmine, to Lorinna, and vise versa. Just to make that clear towards anyone that might have been confused)
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hace más de un año FairyJanise said…
Follows them with arms crossed. Then she looked at the room. "Ughh, could this get worse. I don't even know why I'm doing this! Maybe I could freeze Gisborne and get her. I don't like this maid idea at all." Said Janise with a tone like she has lots of self-pity.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Walks in) So, what do we do now? We can't just sit here all day and wait for Robin to come...that would look suspicious...
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hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Well I told Lorinna that Robin and the rest of the outlaws will be coming around at night..she told me that she was being mainly kept inside an area known as the great hall. She told me Robin would know what that meant...all we have to do now is try and blend in with the rest of the maids here.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-Good, now we don't have to try and be all sneaky...so, what do we do now? Try and find somewhere to work..?
Maid-We're all supposed to be working, what are you talking about?
Manu-Oh well, we're new here and don't exactly know where to go.
Maid-Well, they need two people in the stables, and one in the kitchen.
Manu-I'm off to the stables then! (Walks out)
hace más de un año X-Anne-X said…
Janise walks after Manu. "Yeah I think the stables is better than the kitchen. I hate the kitchen actually."
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: *Rolls eyes* Fine then, I'll be in the kitchens then...*Walks off*
Maid: The kitchens are that way, *Points*
Jasmine: *Laughs* Of course, silly me, *Stalks off* This is complete and utter bull-crap..night better come soon...
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Smiles) Nice of you to join me Janise! Now...what exactly do we do in the stables?
Maid-(Hears her) You don't know-are you serious?
Manu-Well, yes. W-where I came from before I just cleaned clothes...I never took care of my husbands horses. (Smiles nervously)
Maid-Well, all you have to do is brush them, feed them and clean and change the hay.
Manu-Sounds easy enough.
Maid-(Snorts) If you says so...
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Kitchen work, fantastic! *Gets into the kitchens and starts cleaning some plates* Maybe this would go faster if you listened to music...? Nah, can't introduce these idiots to iPods yet; they're too technologically challenged. *Hears something* Hello...? Who's there?
Gisborne: *Walks in* You, come here. Now.
Jasmine: What for--alright...
Gisborne: I need you services.
Jasmine: *Raises eyebrow* What kind of "services"?
Gisborne: *Sneers* I need you to help me sow something...
Jasmine: Oh for fucks sake... *Twitches* Of course...
hace más de un año X-Anne-X said…
Janise walks in the stables. "Urrg, I didn't do a think but I feel disgusting already." she mumbles. Janise grabs a sweeper and starts cleaning the floor. "Better this is done fast."
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-Maybe we could just sneak a bit of magic in to make this go faster...what do you say, Janise? Think we can do it?
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Gisborne: *Leads Jasmine upstairs*
Jasmine: What exactly is it that you want me to sow...my Lord. *Spits*
Gisborne: One of my tunics tore and that little wench of Hood doesn't know how to do anything right.
Jasmine: Stereotypes...oh boy. Of course...
Gisborne: *Opens the door* I will put it on so it will be easier.
Jasmine: *Mumbles* How the fuck will that make is easier..? *Sees Lorinna chained to a chair* Lorinna! Are you okay?
Lorinna: I'm fine...what the hell are you doing here?
Jasmine: Your captor wants me to "sow" something. Hopefully that's all he truly needs me for.
Lorinna: *Laughs* Don't worry--it's all. I ripped his shirt while trying to play nice with him after he untied me for a short period of time.
Jasmine: *Sighs* Good, cause I was starting to--
Gisborne: I am ready.
Jasmine: *Blinks* Of course, *Walks over and picks up the needle and begins her work*
Gisborne: You are very good at this--unlike that one over there, *Sneers at Lorinna*
Jasmine: I must be good at this, My Lord; I am a woman.
Gisborne: *Smirks* Oh yes you are...
Jasmine: *Flinches, but continues working*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Maid-(Walks by) Hey, you two, it's time to head back inside! It's almost dark!
Manu-Alright, we'll come in as soon as we uh-finish sweeping up this area.
Maid-(Nods) Alright...(Walks off)
Manu-(Looks around) I guess it's night-time. Better get ready for Robin to arrive...come on Janise. (Walks off)
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: I have finished, *Gets up and prepares to leave*
Gisborne: *Grabs her hand* Wait,
Jasmine: *Swallows*
Gisborne: You have been so helpful...I must repay you some how.
Jasmine: Uh y-you don't have to. It's my job...my Lord.
Gisborne: I insist..
Jasmine: *Whirls around* I-I must be heading back--
Lorinna: *Rolls eyes* Of course...that sod, I'll show him... *Gets up, walks over* Oi dummy.
Gisborne: *Whirls around* Who are you calling a--
Lorinna: *Kisses him abruptly* Go! Now! And make sure Robin gets here fast!
Jasmine: *Nods* I owe you one! *Runs off*
Lorinna: *Stops, takes a deep breath* Well, that was...
Gisborne: Interesting. *Swallows*
Lorinna: Yeah, *Shrugs* We'll leave it at that.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Running throughout the castle) I need to find a way out...or someway to see if Robin and the others are coming-ouf! (Falls) Watch where you're-Jasmine! Thank goodness I've found you! (Grabs her hands) We need to find a way to see if Robin and the others are here yet...any ideas?
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Manu..! Thank goodness it's you. I thought that you might have been one of the guards--or event sheriff. *Listens* Alright, well I was just about to go and look around the stables...I mean, that would be an easy place to slip in, right? *Bites lip* Nah...don't think that would work...let's try and sneak out of this castle, *Grabs Manu's hands and leads her to one of the doors* No guards...really? *Chuckles* Come on, let's go--ouch! *Rubs head*
Much: *Sheathes sword* Stay back dunderhead! I am with Robin Hood!
Allan: Shh! Quiet will ya?
Jasmine: Excuse me? *Glares at Much*
Much: *Swallows* Oh it's you! I'm terribly sorry I thought--
Jasmine: It's fine...I know where Lorinna is being kept.
Robin: *Emerges* Good, lead us there.
Jasmine: *Nods, and begins leading them*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-So, where exactly was Lorinna being held?
Robin-Well assuming where Jasmine is leading us...it should be one of the rooms up on the second floor.
Much-I do hope that she is alright.
Djaq-Of course she is alright, it's Lorinna we're talking about! It's not like someone like you, Much.
Much-(Stutters) What?
Allan-Oi, you two sh!
Robin-Come on, (Walks up)
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: This is the door.
Robin: *Places his ear against it...hears nothing* Alright, Will, get to work.
Will: *Nods, and takes out his tools*
Jasmine: Aren't you the handy one. *Smirks*
Allan: That's Will for ya. Always got to be carryin' something around.
Will: *Smirks* This lock is too easy, *The door opens with a soft wooshing noise*
John: Well done Will,
Robin: *Places his index finger to his lips* I'll go first, *Makes his way into the room* Lorinna..?
Voice: ...Robin? Is that you?
Robin: *Whirls around* Yeah.
Lorinna: *Yawns, getting off a couch* About bloody time..*Grins* Let's get out of here before this big brute wakes up.
Jasmine: Well then - come on!

They all rush out of the castle quickly and quietly, soon stopping in the midst of Sherwood to take a break.

Djaq: Well that was a lot easier than I expected.
Much: I know. Where were all the guards? And no one even locked the castle gate!
Robin: Guess we were just lucky, chaps! *Grins*
Jasmine: Yeah yeah yeah, where do you go to know?
Robin: The camp of course! We'll spend the night there and even eat something to regain energy.
Lorinna: Sounds great...but, do you already have planned what we're going to do tomorrow?
Robin: Of course I do. *Smiles*
Allan: Well then come on, let's go already! I'm starvin'!
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
They all make it to the camp...

Much-Here you all are, some food.
Manu-(Smiles) Thank you, Much!
Much-(Smiles) O-of course...
Allan-Oh looks like someone has-
Much-Shut up, Allan!
Robin-So, (Eats) you might be wondering what I have planned tomorrow, am I right?
John-Not really, we know we're going to help the poor.
Robin-(Frowns) Yes, but that's not entirely what I had in mind...
Will-Well then?
Robin-(Grins) Tomorrow the sheriff is supposed to be having a very rich guest come and throw a party-inviting other nobles...
Manu-How do you know this?
Djaq-A little bird told him. (Smirks)
Allan-Make that a little Marian bird. (Laughs)
Manu-(Blinks, confused)
Robin-Anyways, we'll go down there in disguises of course. The girls...you lot should try and dress formally.
Manu-To what, distract certain people?
Robin-(Nods) Yeah, pretty much.
Djaq-What about me?
Robin-You should try and be a servant girl...something not too obvious-like a royal guest. You wouldn't want the sheriff to recognize you.
Much-So, we need to make these five nobles and sneak them in? How? Surely the sheriff will have a guest list.
Robin-(Frowns) Marian could always pretend they're friends of her's.
Allan-That could work! I like it!
John-What about us?
Robin-Well you know the sheriff; every time he invites nobles over, they're going to have to donate generously. So we'll start stealing it-from the strongroom-as soon as all of it is placed there. Djaq, you should give us a signal or some sort to let one of the girls know it's full. Then they can go and tell us who will be waiting in the stables.
Will-Sounds great!
Manu-Yep! (Smiles) Now we just need to make names for ourselves..
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hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: So we need to dress like rich people?
Robin: Wasn't it obvious enough?
Lorinna: It was, my dear, but won't they recognize my friends? I mean, they were just there as maids.
Robin: Well, if we pamper them up enough--
Much: Or they do what they did last time!
Robin: Then I'm sure no one will recognize you lot.
Jasmine: Fine with me, I just need to come up with a name...
Lorinna: And holding up a different persona.
Jasmine: Won't be a problem--I'm a spy, remember?
Lorinna: Oh, right...
Jasmine: Okay, *Chuckles* names, names...oh! What about: Simone of Cardiff? Or better yet--Moscow.
Allan: The hell is Moscow?
Djaq: No idea but maybe not knowing will be better! She could make her character more mysterious.
Jasmine: Exactly!
Robin: *Grins* Good! Lorinna, what about you?
Lorinna: Hm...how about Annabelle of Sussex? *Smirks*
John: *Laughs* That should make the sheriff more interested!
Lorinna: *Wiggles eyebrows* Indeed.
The Outlaws: *Laugh*
Robin: Brilliant, we have you two set! All we need is Manu's persona and we'll prepare in the morning.
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Grins) Lovely names girls! Let's see, what should mine be...how about, Clare of...Turunen?
Allan-Bloody hell is that?
Manu-Made it up. (Grins)
Robin-(Laughs) Good! Now the sheriff will have no way or suspecting you and Jasmine for your territories.
Manu-Now what?
John-We sleep.

(They all have a good-nights rest at the outlaws camp)

Robin-So, we've got everything set up...now all we need to do is wait for your escort and for you lot to change.
Manu-Who will be our escort?
Much-Lady Marian of course!
Robin-Do not worry, she can be trusted; she is a close friend of mine.
Manu-(Nods) Okay...now, dress...hm...(Snaps fingers and her hair becomes longer, with much more shine and sleek; and it is only black. Her lips become adorned with bright red lipstick and her eyelashes are full, with dark blue eyeshadow overlapping her lids. Her dress is long and blue with a silk top and black corset. She has no sleeves, and has lace adoring the top of her dress. She has no gloves, and sapphire earrings adorn her ears, along with a few small rings and a simple silver necklace) I'm all set! (Smiles)
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Much: Wow...*Grins*
Allan: *Smirks* Much keep a hold of yourself. *Sniggers*
Much: *Flushes and mumbles*
Robin: Alright you two, time to get ready.
Jasmine: Alright alright, *Her hair gets tied into a tight but yet some strands of hair are left loose. She has no lipstick, and light black eyeshadow. Her dress is black and very long. She has long sleeves that stop at the top in diamond cuts. Black fingernails, and lace top and bottom. Her earrings are silver and a silver necklace with a black stone*
Djaq: Very nice!
Allan: *Smirks* That should do very nice.
Lorinna: *Rolls eyes* Okay boys, enough staring. *Claps hands. Her hair becomes curled slightly, wavy near the end. There is a braid that wraps around her forehead that is adorned with white flowers. Her dress is red and very long. Her corset is dark black with golden laces. Her sleeves are longs with fabric hanging off the ends. She wears no make-up, golden earrings*
Robin: Lovely Lorinna! Now, come on, let's get going...
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-You girls look so lovely! (Smiles)
Robin-Alright come on you lot, we've got to get you to the castle.

(Meanwhile, at the castle...)

Sheriff-Gisborne, what do you think, should we take 100 crowns from our guests, or 200?
Gisborne-Whatever suits you best, my Lord.
Sheriff-(Smirks) Ever so loyal...I'll go with 200 crowns! (Laughs cruelly)
Gisborne-How many guests should we be expecting?
Sheriff-Oh don't worry your pretty little head about that, but worry about making them all comfortable. (Grins and walks off)

(At Knighton Hall...)

Robin-So you're sure you'll be able to get these three into the castle safely?
Marian-Of course-as long as they keep their persona's they should be fine.
Robin-So, we'll meet up with you all as soon as we can, alright?
Djaq-I'll come and join up with you girls as soon as I make it to the castle.
Manu-(Nods) Okay.
Marian-Come on, (Leads them to horses) we have a party to get to.
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
They all make it to the castle to see many other guests have already arrived...

Marian: Just follow me lead, alright?
Jasmine: Sure.
Marian: *Leads the three girls to the gate*
Gisborne: Ah Marian, so nice to see you here. *Smiles*
Marian: Sir Guy, *Curtsies* as you can see I have not come alone. Here are a few of my friends.
Jasmine: *Places an accent on...similar to one of Russia* I am Simone of Moscow, pleasure.
Gisborne: *Smiles stupidly* Hello.
Lorinna: *Places a smoother English accent* I am Annabelle of Sussex. *Bats eyelashes*
Gisborne: Yes, hello...and what of you? *Looks to Manu*
Jasmine/Simone: Oh do not mind her she iz awfully shy. She iz Clare of Turunen.
Gisborne: Where is that?
Lorinna: Very far off my lord, she can speak little English because of it.
Gisborne: Oh, alright--would you all like to come in?
Marian: Of course, *Smiles politely and walks in*
Jasmine: *Smiles softly and follows*
Lorinna: *Winks and walks in*
Gisborne: *Grins stupidly and walks after them*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Manu-(Whispers to Lorinna) Thanks for that, it was really helpful-
Gisborne-So as you can see, (Stops in front of them) the sheriff has invited many others for this special occasion.
Manu-(Places a heavy accent on) What is party for?
Gisborne-The sheriff is celebrating Nottingham's prosperity.
Manu-(Nods) So, we do anything?
Gisborne-Well all the guests must donate-generously-to...help those in need you see. The sheriff is rather...caring towards his people.
Manu-(Smiles) Okay, I give you money brought down, (Hands Gisborne a full sack of gold coins)
Gisborne-(Smirks) Thank you for the offer. (Looks at Jasmine and Lorinna)
Manu-Ehem. (Elbows Jasmine)
hace más de un año lovebaltor said…
Jasmine: Oh yes, *Grabs a sack from her purse* here is my offer, sir. *Smiles*
Gisborne: Yes, thank you.
Lorinna: And here is mine, *Hands him her sack*
Gisborne: The sheriff will be most pleased with your generous offers.
Jasmine: Oh it was nothing. Just doing our part to help those in need.
Gisborne: If you would allow me to escort you to a table...?
Lorinna: *Places a hand on his wrist* Of course.
Gisborne: *Smiles stupidly and leads them all to a table*
hace más de un año Tecnarules said…
Gisborne-(Leads them all to a table) Here you are my ladies.
Manu-(Nods) Zhank you much.
Gisborne-If you need anything, I will be over there... (Points) I hope you all enjoy you're evening here in Nottingham. (Walks off)
Marian-That was surprisingly easy.
Manu-Tell me about it...